week 3

Affirmation- Decree-Declaration

Delight Collection

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For those NEW to the PROGRAM Welcome to my site, I am so glad you are here! For those returning, WELCOME BACK!! Thank you for choosing to spend your time here at my TABLE. I know you have places to go, things to discover, and people to see, but HERE you are! 


The next topic that I want to bring to the TABLE is  Affirmation, Decree, and Declaration. These three have been MAJOR in my life, and have influenced me in so many ways. That alone can change your life around, and lead on the path of discovery by itself.  

Here at your service are handcrafted topics to instantly brighten up your day, and assist you on your journey. Whether it’s Affirmations, decrees, or Declarations, let’s learn about them, and step into action. 

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Affirmations? Never heard of it!

Affirmations serve as lifelines to the unconscious part of us that we have yet to discover. A part of us that involuntary response to how we are programmed it to be, behave and respond. This can be done through our senses and passed unto our spirits.

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Decrees- What is that even?

Once you speak a scripture, God’s divine word, a formal order given by God himself, to establish a THING! Anything you say, aligned with the holy scriptures shall be established unto you!

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Declaration- What is it?

Life and death are in the power of our tongue. Proverbs 18:21 Our words are powerful and effective and have the power to break through barriers and even obstacles. When we speak, we declare!

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“ This tool has truly transformed my life! Had I understood the benefits it brings to my life, I would have embraced it sooner. ”

The topic on Affirmation was one I was confused about, I have never even learned about Decrees, and DECLARATIONS, what is that even? I myself have lacked this knowledge, so I ventured out on the adventure, and in return discovered treasures.
Lena Joseph

I am Lena, your mentor and I am here to assist you on your Journey! Life has its ups and downs, but together we are more powerful! 

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