Cup of Delight to Start your day. I LOVE coffee, and sometimes tea, that’s what gets my day going. If I don’t get my start, the day just isn’t right, same with the Word of God, if I don’t get that Cup of Delight, from his table, my day is not the same.

BOOST of Self-Control

I am reading my bible, and a notification comes up, TWO MESSAGES. I say to myself “well, this will only take a minute, just a few messages, and I’ll be right back.” Before I know it, I am scrolling through one video, second video, third…and now I am on YOU-tube, and another video, looking up, “Five minute crafts” I had […]

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I am reminded of a very catchy song “I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, where? down in my heart”… that we sang quite often at children’s services. In just a few seconds mimicking the smiles that’s around us, joining the circle of praise, clapping our hands, gracefully singing our heart away, for the moment, but […]

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We can so easily fall into despair, worry, and doubt. Just look around! Everywhere we look, there are tragedies, no matter which way we turn, troubles find us on every corner. Worries entangle us, and keep us bound. And if that’s not enough, our own fears, and insecurities are tagging along. How do we find PEACE in the midst of […]

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