My GOAL here, is to inspire to ACTION
ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER to pursue DREAMS and DESIRES, hidden within.

WRITE down your goals, MAKE them plain, then SPRING into ACTION!


These words came to me during my prayer hour. I also wanted to share it with you! Perhaps you too are battling some thoughts, and maybe some doubts, and some fears. Let me reassure you this morning, afternoon, or evening! God’s PROMISES still stand! If the promises stood for David, they are surely STILL available to you. God does not […]

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Sleep on!!

“There are times when things don’t work out the way we want: the friends we were counting on aren’t there, the medical report doesn’t come back good, the dream isn’t happening on our timetable. We could be frustrated, discouraged. We did the right thing, we stayed in faith, but it hasn’t worked out. We can quickly fall into despair, however […]

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