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When I am not writing, blogging/podcasting, or taking care of my girls, and family; I am busy about my calling, and helping others to attain their next level of success.


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I help people discover the gift, and talent, that God placed on the inside of them, so they can use it for the FURTHERANCE of the KINGDOM. In other words I help you DISCOVER your Destiny, and PURPOSE, and will PRAY with you by FAITH, through all the obstacles, and hindrances, to VICTORY

We will go through intensive sessions where I will coach the main-tee, and challenge them to grow and develop in the things of GOD. Many people step into their calling, but cannot press through. I am an Intercessor, and WARRIOR of GOD, and I will help you gain ground, and BE VICTORIOUS.

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Over the years I have gained an insight on the spiritual side of things, through my own life experience, and biblical knowledge, I am here to HELP. I help believers discover the gift, and treasures that GOD placed within, via Facebook Mentoring Group, and God’s Warriors Prayer Group, as well as keep the community accountable to their calling.

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