All Things FOOD- FAMILY and FUN

This is where I will share All things concerning food, family and fun. A little bit of everything in this Category. I love food, so I’ll probably be sharing cool recipes, and food tips here. Children are my life, I love to have fun, and family makes my world a better place.


RECIPES I have discovered, or designed myself. I start, add the ingredients, the recipe creates itself. I will sometimes omit certain spices, or add certain flavors, to make it more my taste. I will use anything in my kitchen, fridge or pantry to create a dish. Some days it works, and others days, I experiment. I will be sharing some of the proven dishes, that are OUR FAMILIES favorites.


We go to church, hangout, and live life together as a family. I will be sharing, some of the things we do as a family, and things that work, and keep our family together. We have had a few struggles in the past in keeping UNITY, but GOD’s mercy and GRACE sustained us, now we live to tell all about it. Growing up, my family did not have much, but what my parents had they gave their best. My parents made sure we enjoyed life, and stayed UNITED, because that is the KEY to life, and success of families.

A family that is UNITED, is a FAMILY that can move mountains


Life is a roller-coaster. Some days you are up, and other days, you are down, learn to enjoy the ride

There are some seasons you will have things easy, and other seasons, you will struggle to make it. The KEY is to stay consistent through all seasons. No matter if we have little or much, we make sure we enjoy life together as a family. If it wasn’t for the joy, we have as a family, I wouldn’t know how to cope with life. You need to put some things on a PAUSE button, and just learn to HAVE FUN. Jump on the trampoline, fellowship at a table, Rollerblade alongside with your kids, or bowl at a nearby bowling place.

Whether it is a place to eat, a local park, or a place to hang out, we have FUN! We do this as a family. We turn our gadgets OFF, and CREATE time for each other. This is when we laugh and enjoy each other’s company. This is what life is all about!

I will be sharing some of our favorite games, places to hang out, newfound tips to having fun, and engaging your family in the midst of it. It’s not always about INTERNET, and gadgets, because It can take so much of our time, and energy, we have life to live, and places to discover! So we have to be creative, and proceed with life.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade add sugar and enjoy life