Lena, aka Firestarter

Fierce Kingdom Warrior

In pursuit of my DESTINY and higher calling of God, to discover all jewels within

We all started somewhere on our journey. Some of us are at the START of this journey, others are a bit ahead, and a few others are close to their success. We only see as through a small stained glass, or through a small window. None of us know everything, or has figured out all things. We are ALL on a path to discover more things, become better, stronger, and to experience more of the world, as we take on this JOURNEY of LIFE.

The world needs your story!

There are places that you have been, that no one has gone to, and there are things you have seen, and experienced that no one dared to see, or experience. You have knowledge on the inside of you, wisdom within, understanding, and the world needs to know about it. You have a KEY of knowledge, KEY of WISDOM, IN YOUR HAND, AND all you need to do, is to WRITE about it, SPEAK about it, or TELL someone else about it.

We all have a TABLE, a TABLE that is filled with knowledge, experience and wisdom, called the table of LIFE, derived from experiences, and journey of our everyday life. A table that is filled with stories of yesterday, promises of tomorrow, or simple delights of TODAY. A table that is different from everyone else’s, patterned after your likes, and dislikes, designed to fit the curves of your life, tailored to your taste, and your purpose in life.

Your experiences, encounters, your outlook on life, and your perspectives are unique, and much needed in this world. No one can be, who you are, and no one can do what you can!

No matter where you are in life, or who you are, someone out there is searching for what you have, and can’t wait to experience it, or see it from your perspective, but here you are hiding it, or letting it lay dormant through SILENCE, COMPROMISE, and TOLERANCE

Unlock your story!

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I am on a spiritual journey, in pursuit to recover all the unknown.

A spiritual journey is a journey of deeper questions, and untold stories

I have been to many places, and have discovered much wisdom. I have seen foolishness, and times when understanding, and knowledge joined me on my patb. While on this path, I have discovered the meaning to my life, discovered my identity, and uncovered my purpose. I am a seeker of truth, and my Destiny, deep thinker, pilgrim on this earth, and sky is my limit.

The JOURNEY awaits!

Why not share your experience with others, your knowledge, your understanding? God didn’t give it to you, so you could keep it! He gave it to you, so you could share it! Why not share the delights you have tasted on your journey, and present them at your TABLE for someone else to enjoy?

through YOUR PERSONAL site, or blog

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When you try a good product, would you not spread the WORD?

OR if you travel, and you absolutely enjoyed your trip, would you not tell others about it?

AND if you have found treasures, would you not be excited about sharing them with others?

This is what I offer here. My everyday journey on this walk of life. Treasures of yesterday, jewels of tomorrow, pure knowledge of today.

I have TASTED and seen, heard and experienced beautiful things, on my JOURNEY of self discovery. I have discovered my personal identity, and my designed PURPOSE! I am also here to help you IGNITE yours! This is what my table is filled with, and this is what I am sharing!


Through the lens of FAITH HOPE and LOVE I will do my best to reflect my journey and help you find yours.

FIRESTARTER-IGNITE is a TABLE that is derived from my life. All things KINGDOM was birthed through much perseverance, and endurance. It is though my writing that you get a glimpse of my story, learn and glean from my TABLE, filled with spiritual insight, and wisdom, ALL THINGS KINGDOM. The KINGDOM that is within, an Unseen Kingdom that is operated through FAITH, Obedience, and Faithfulness to the KING. A KINGDOM that is unlocked through PRAYER and the Word of God. A KINGDOM that is very much alive and active in my life.

Through rebellion, pride, and ignorance I missed out on much of God’s best for me. I settled for less than the very best, and have missed out on much of my Destiny. Once I discovered these jewels, I humbled myself, and ventured out on my journey to find God’s best for me, instead I found my Destiny.

That which was designed for me from my mothers womb that which was prepared for me, upon my return

I started writing in my journal to pour out, and cope with unsaid feelings, and emotions, that I could not express in words, then my fingers did the talking, and here I am. You can find nuggets from my personal studies, examples of prayers, thoughts about certain spiritual matters, life, issues, family, relationship, fashion and so much more…

I share my heart, though the lens of God’s Holy Scripture, and my Daily Life. You can find me curled up with a BIBLE studying and dining with the LORD at my TABLE, or you can find me playing board games with my girls, reading books, and enjoying life. I love to cook, bake with my kids, pray with the group, and talk about the Lord. I love to share what GOD has made available to me. He has done so much for me in my life, how can I not Express his love, kindness, and affection towards me, and my family?

It is soothing for me to express what’s on my heart, and mind. In my younger days I was taught to conceal my emotions, and not express my feelings so much. I had to be tough! We Ukrainians do not show our emotions, or unveil our feelings, so I cried into my pillow, and words were left unsaid, so much, that it pained me to even express them.

If I knew better I would do better but I didn’t so I was left with a lot of emotions within, unsaid feelings, and misunderstanding.

But now that I do, my responsibility is to step into action, AND UNLOCK dungeons.

Set it free, unlock the treasures, and hand over the KEY

Thanks again for visiting my corner. Come back and visit my site, POSTS are updated DAILY.

Yours truly, Lena