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We are HERE on the EARTH NOT by INCIDENT… as some may have us believe but on a special assignment designed to fit our every curve of life! Everything we have went through is for our benefit. The good and the bad fits together to fulfill our mission

Once you know WHO YOU ARE – your IDENTITY will be uncovered

and once you know who you are, you will know WHY YOU ARE HERE – then you YOU will step into your DESTINY and walk in VICTORY

 In 2014 I had a dream, in a form of a vision, that ignited me to my assignment, and to everything that I am, and ever since then, I have not stopped pursuing all that is WITHIN

I understood that my past prepared me for this assignment, my experiences have shaped me into my FUTURE and ALL things work together for my GOOD. Whether good or bad they all work together like a puzzle to accomplish my PURPOSE and my ASSIGNMENT 

I accepted everything that is about me in the past, and I am at PEACE with my future. Every life situation has prepared me for this MOMENT in history

at this exact time

for a specific purpose

for Such a TIME as THIS