A WIFE of eleven years to my hubby, and lovely partner on this journey of life. Mom of two girls who constantly keep me on my toes, turn my world upside down, and keep me smiling. Mentor and Spiritual coach to many around the world. Administrator of FB groups, prayer warrior groups, accountability groups. I help people discover GOD given Identity, talents, and pursuit of Purpose.

My passion springs from my own experience, and journey. I have been misguided and taken advantage of, abandoned, and rejected, broken, BUT I have also found security and safety in my fathers arms, during those difficult times. When I got out of my pit I promised my father that I would do the same for his people. This is HOW my ministry started. I wanted to help ONE, and GOD led me to ONE. Then others joined me on my journey. You can often find me praying, and standing in the gap for the lost, and the broken.


I am a woman of many tasks discovering my treasures daily

In my spare time, when I am not busy mothering, or taking care of my home, you can find me on Facebook operating a private mentoring group # Firestarter Ignite of close to 100 members who have joined me on my journey of SPIRITUAL DISCOVERY, or blogging at my site. I devote my time and energy, to BOTH as well as MULTITASK, SUCCESSFULLY I might add. It took me a few years to get the hang of it, but here I am. I juggle it all together, family, ministry, children, church, relationships and all that goes into it.

Over the years I have gained an insight on the spiritual side of things, through my own life and experience, as well as biblical insight, that no one can take away. I help believers all over the globe discover the gift, and treasures hidden within. You can also find me praying with broken hearts, interceding, and coaching the misguided.

I had a hard time understanding GOD’s PURPOSE and plan, for my life, but when I surrendered, he SHOWED me the WAY!

I have a STORY to tell, and painful memories to share. I have been to places, I never imagined myself to be, and have discovered things I never dreamed to discover. Three years ago I ventured out on the adventure to tell MY STORY. There’s so much to share, so many angles to my TESTIMONY, that I can’t quite put it all in ONE book, or two, so here I am writing my chapters, and organizing my LIFE STORY.

There’s a little bit of everything at my TABLE and I hope to share a lot more as I progress on my JOURNEY


I was raised in a Christian home; had everything handed to me on the platter, catered to my needs. I had a loving family that loved me, a church of truth, and a fellowship of believers, that I belonged to. Friends in whom I confided in; a good job, and a planned out career. Everything was going well for me, but something on the inside desired more. Looking over the fence to my neighbors yard, I thought maybe I did not experience everything there was, to be fulfilled, so I ventured out, and pursued the pleasures and treasures of the world. The more I tried, the more I desired. The further I got, the deeper I was sucked in. Slowly but surely, I drifted into the things of the world, and before I knew it, I was saying goodbye to everything I knew, in search of something better. I took my portion, and set out on my journey. I drank, and partied, until my fortune was well spend. But instead of going home, I settled for less, than what I felt, I deserved; I condemned myself, and guilt was not far behind, shame was my everyday bowl of food. I Found myself begging for spiritual bread, in a foreign country, surrounded by pigs, away from everyone I knew. Hungry, bound, and well spend, I LONGED for FREEDOM, and a place to call HOME.

I desired to be fed spiritually but found nothing to satisfy my soul. I tried drinking to fill that empty spot but nothing could FILL that desire, and longing to go HOME. I tried ignorance pride took me far away. I tried promiscuity, addiction BUT nothing could satisfy my soul or fulfill that desire that felt so empty and unsatisfied within.

Credit Image to PIXABAY

SUDDENLY I woke up! NO MATTER what happens, I will FACE my father, and beg him to come home. 2009 was my year of Reconciliation with my father. My father met me with OPEN arms, and celebrated my arrival. He gave me the best of everything, EVEN prepared a TABLE OF DELIGHT to delight my soul. And that’s not all! Shoes of son-ship, a ring of authority on my finger, dressed me in FINE clothing, giving me a CHANCE, at a BRAND new LIFE. Now it’s time for me to give back!

There are many prodigals in this world who long to come home they just don’t know how or where to turn. A Prodigal is a lost son or daughter of God who longs to come home but is ashamed guilty and condemned. I have been there and I know what that is like! I opened that door! I found the keys. Walk through it!

I have to be TRANSPARENT with my STORY  

He didn’t give me a TESTIMONY so that I could keep it.

My story, YOUR story UNLOCKS someone else’s dungeon and releases others from their prison of misery.

Go on and FREE some people!

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. Revelation 12:11

DO YOU HAVE A STORY TO TELL ? Send yours in!

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