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Prayer - Devotion - Consecration

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For those NEW to the PROGRAM Welcome to my site, I am so glad you are here! For those returning, WELCOME BACK!! Thank you for choosing to spend your time here at my TABLE. I know you have places to go, things to discover, and people to see, but HERE you are! 


When I thought about which topics to present NEXT, I decided to pull out Devotion, Prayer, and Consecration. These three have been MAJOR in my life, and have influenced me in so many ways. That alone can change your life around, and lead on the path of discovery.  

Here at your service are handcrafted topics to instantly brighten up your day, and assist you on your journey. Whether it’s journaling, planning, or habits, let’s learn about them, and step into action. 


Why do people make prayer so complicated, when it isn’t supposed to be. Why do we put all these fancy words and steps to prayer when prayer isn’t steps and fancy words?!
I asked a little boy in my class, ” Do you know what prayer is?
He shook his head, “No”
I got down to his level, as we all should do for those who are small in the faith and are new believers in Christ…

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DEVOTION- what is it?

I was talking to a friend the other day and the importance of devoting our time and energy to God, a few others also agreed on the topic.
We aren’t spending enough time with God
This can stifle our relationship with God. Lack of communication, devotion can stifle a relationship period! Imagine you haven’t talked to a friend in a long time, or haven’t talked to a family member, you don’t even know where to start, or even what to talk about.
I have been there! Even with God!

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Jesus being fully God but also human often withdrew to a solidary place to consecrate himself to God. Monks, nuns, and religious clergy’s often consecrate themselves to higher power, and so many other religions follow. Jay Shetty, one of the most influential motivational speakers, a Hindu monk specifically dedicated himself for 3 years by going to India, leaving everything behind to focus on himself, his growth, and development, through examination, meditation and self awareness. He comes back more empowered, and powerful, impacting many lives around the globe.
Consecration empowers us for greater Purpose and Plan

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“ This tool has truly transformed my life! Had I understood the benefits it brings to my life, I would have embraced it sooner. ”

Early on in life we are encouraged to keep a diary, plan things in advance, create good habits, but when we are older we forget all about it. It is later in life that I have embraced these powerful methods that have blessed me in return.
Lena Joseph

I am Lena, your mentor and I am here to assist you on your Journey! Life has its ups and downs, but together we are more powerful! 

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