A teaching STUDY on the book of GALATIANS  by Elce “Thurder” Lauriston a former Seventh Day Adventist, EX legalist, EX persecutor of Sunday LAW keeper Christians, who is now being used as “THUNDER ACROSS the SKIES” to PROCLAIM the truth of the gospel, and FREE others from bondage of slavery.

I love how God uses the very people OTHERS tend to reject, and glorifies himself through the most misunderstood vessels, to astonish people, and display the wisdom of GOD. I am also reminded of Paul, EX legalist, pharisee, but a MIGHTY vessel of GOD through whom the GOSPEL is preached, to the Gentiles.

I honor every gift in the BODY, and thank GOD for the GIFT that he placed on the INSIDE of him, for the GLORY of GOD.

I am thankful for our connection and his ministry to the CHURCH- The BODY of believers and followers of Christ. Follow Elce and his ministry, and be part of what GOD is doing in the earth today! Support the ministry, through prayer, and or financial donation.

Blessings as you go through each STUDY and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you. Let PEACE, and JOY be your Delight!

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” NO other GOSPEL”

CHAPTER 1 Crisis arises amidst the believers, where Jews demand or require believers to be circumcised as a requirement for salvation.  

Paul addresses these believers in an astonishing manner basically saying “ I cannot believe you!” How could you reject the truth, and go back to these heresies, lies, that throw you into confusion, place you under bondage, thereby perverting the gospel of Christ, which is gained through faith alone.  

It is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is not of yourselves, it is the gift of GOD- not by works, so that no one can boast.Ephesians 2:8

Anyone who says  otherwise is to be put under God’s curse! We are not to please people, because it sounds good, or is popular, we are to expose what is not GOD’s TRUTH, and eradicate lies from our lives. As servants of God we are to serve GOD, and not be moved by people’s opinions, and emotions, but rather rely on the word of GOD.



“Paul Accepted by the Apostles”

CHAPTER 2 Paul mentions an incident where Cephas separates from Gentiles, to please Jews, and the fear of what people would say.

Paul did not care who Cephas was, if his actions did not align with scriptures he was to put him in his place. God is not a GOD of favoritism, we shouldn’t be either.

When someone we know is acting out, or is exalting themselves to please others, we are to rebuke them, and put them in their place. We are not to be intimidated by them, but move as the spirit of GOD moves us. 



“Faith or Works Of the LAW”

CHAPTER 3 ONE or the other. You cannot observe the law, but also believe by faith. It’s one or the other. One cancels out the other! Paul is speaking to these churches, WAKE UP!

Law and all that entails? or FAITH, the gift of GOD!

Paul cannot believe what he is seeing! Believers walking away from truth, and accepting these lies.

How are you so foolish to believe this lie? At first you believed by faith, but NOW you turn to the law? Who has bewitched you? In other words, who has put a spell on you? You believed one thing, but now you are convinced that this is also truth. Are you so unwise, that you believe everything you hear without checking with the holy scriptures?

Paul is STILL speaking to those who believe this lie, rather than truth, WAKE UP!

Salvation is by faith, not of works lest anyone should boast” Don’t be so quick to believe lies, but rather stand on truth.



 “The Old Covenant is Out, the New is In”



“Living in the Spirit, not under the Law.”






“Glory in the Cross.”