The Story of JESUS as written by Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John, Jesus closest disciples. One that walked with him, prayed with him, encouraged him, and kept him on his assignment. Here you will find the teachings, miracles, parables, and commands of JESUS as illustrated in the books of the BIBLE. We as followers are to follow the commands of Jesus, and abide in the teaching of Jesus. If we desire to be like JESUS we must follow after him in example!


>> PARABLES of JESUS<< Parables are KINGDOM illustrations with the purpose of conveying a message to the crowd.

 >>MIRACLES of JESUS<< Miracles are those stories that blow my mind, those impossible moments of miracles that sort of take you into a spin. ONE of my favorite things about JESUS is the FACT that he is a MIRACLE WORKER.

>>COMMANDS of JESUS<< Commands are orders decreed by the KING. They are irreversible, and cannot be revoked, stamped by the blood, paid on the CROSS.

>>TEACHINGS of JESUS<<Teachings are ideas and beliefs as illustrated by JESUS through his closest companions. As followers of Jesus we are to abide in his teachings, and follow his beliefs so that we can receive eternal safety and salvation in our SAVIOR.

and much more, as the LORD enables me.

I will do my best to SHARE what the LORD places in my hand, as I write on the account of JESUS and dig for treasures within the context of scripture to bless others. God bless you as you discover these teachings, and apply them to your life. You will never be the SAME again.

-yours truly,

SN: I am putting together a PROJECT that will help many. If you would like to support what GOD is doing in my life, sow into the ministry, so that HIS WILL can be accomplished in my life, AND the PROJECT can be released. It takes a lot of WORK to put together a project, but the LORD is my STRENGTH my source, the fortress of my Salvation.