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Journaling - Planning - habits

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For those NEW to the PROGRAM Welcome to my site, I am so glad you are here! For those returning, WELCOME BACK!! Thank you for choosing to spend your time here at my TABLE. I know you have places to go, things to discover, and people to see, but HERE you are! 


Here are FIRST three TOPICS that I decided to bring to the TABLE 

When I thought about the topics to present to the group, I didn’t know where to start, so I started, where I started. Journaling played a huge effect in my journey, so did planning, and let’s not forget formulating good habits to replace bad habits. 

Here at your service are handcrafted topics to instantly brighten up your day, and assist you on your journey. Whether it’s journaling, planning, or habits, let’s learn about them, and step into action.  

JOURNALING- What is journaling?


Early on in life, we are encouraged to keep a diary, but when we are older we forget all about it. For me keeping a diary wasn’t on my to-do list in the earlier stages of life, it is later in life that I have embraced journaling.

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PLANNING- why do we plan?

Do you plan? I pre-plan everything. Grocery list, my to-do list, ministry lists, Sunday school lessons, holidays, devotional reading, studying, everything that needs to get done, gets put on paper.

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habits- good and bad, what are they?

I used to watch movies that promote violence, knowing good and well, it isn’t good for me, yell at my kids, when I get frustrated, over indulge social media, then experience burnout after it; entangle myself in relationships I had no business connecting to, open doors that were not meant for me, get distracted easily, put things off until tomorrow.
We call this Habits

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“ This tool has truly transformed my life! Had I understood the benefits it brings to my life, I would have embraced it sooner. ”

Early on in life we are encouraged to keep a diary, plan things in advance, create good habits, but when we are older we forget all about it. It is later in life that I have embraced these powerful methods that have blessed me in return.
Lena Joseph

I am Lena, your mentor and I am here to assist you on your Journey! Life has its ups and downs, but together we are more powerful! 

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