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For such a TIME as this!

DESIGNED to IGNITE souls to God’s calling, by stepping into all that GOD has prepared for YOU!

“It started with a SPARK, an idea that later transpired into a DESIRE! At a time I didn’t know what to make of it, but later found out, there was greater purpose within. Through varies storms, and trials, this desire ignited my soul on FIRE, that’s when VISION of Firestarter was birthed. Through a series of processes,VISION was created. He had to be able to trust me. He had to test me, teach me, train me, prepare me. He has to rely on me, to carry out his task. I have to be willing, I have to be obedient. To take on FULL responsibility that he places in my hand. I finally said YES and his VISION was ignited. This fire ignited, and nothing could stop this FIRE. To this day, his word  is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in, indeed I cannot.” -Lena Joseph

I am PURPOSE laid out from the beginning of foundations, to carry out a plan set in motion. A plan of purpose, to ignite FIRES from within.

FIRES waiting to be birthed, FIRES waiting to be spread out, to pursue their calling. FIRES that have been purposely designed to RAGE from within.

FIRES that no one can stop, or separate; placed on the inner core of our soul, from the beginning of time. Waiting to be used, by the potter for his special purposes. Waiting to be used at his expense, for his purposes, and his PERFECT PLAN.

CYBER MINISTRIES from the start, is no ordinary ministry. This is a calling that was ignited by the FIRE within, and led by the PURPOSE within. This calling is DIVINELY selected to reach your calling, and help you step into, all that God, has in store for you.This website is spiritually led, and divinely inspired from the start. It is an assignment that is designed by heaven, to ignite HEARTS and DESIRES to ACTION.

In UNITY we will reign VICTORIOUS!

In UNITY we will be caught on FIRE, accomplishing the assignment at hand. I am beyond excited to bring his VISION to reality. But the enemy is also on a mission to destroy it.

However, GREATER is HE that is within me, than he who is in the world. I intend to keep it that way!
1 John 4:4

A burning desire to LIVE for JESUS, a burning desire to live out his DREAM


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  1. Hi, this is bobby from purposecolor.I want to achieve my goals. I really inspired by your posts in purposecolor.thank you.

    1. Good to have you here Bobby, feel free to browse around and delight your soul. I am all about Goals, Aspirations, and Pursuit, and will help you get there. Blessings!

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