What makes me, ME? With billion people in the universe, what can I, offer to the world? How can I, make a difference in the world?

The world that is filled up with intelligent, and influential people, all around me. How can I influence, and impact others around me? With specific character traits that were placed on the inside of me? Who am I, and What am I here for? What is MY purpose, and am I fulfilling MY purpose here on this earth?!

” There must be more to life, than meets the eye”


This is when the SPARK ignited. The desire on the inside, deep within, ignited to GREATER Purpose, and PERSONAL Identity. This Desire has been placed on the inside of me by the Creator himself, from the very beginning. With billions of people in the Universe, the Creator thought that he needed one of me, to do something worthwhile, and useful. With all I have to offer, there is something unique about me. I just can’t quite put my finger on it… Could it be my flaws, or my greatest strength?

I am not WORTHY, yet he sees me, right here on my living room couch, at my dining room table, doing dishes, folding clothes, sitting in the office, at my job, sweeping away, baking away, storing away these boxes. I mean really, what does he see in me? I barely see myself, what does he see?

The all knowing, all powerful God who thought that I was useful, and purposeful to him. Formed and fashioned a plan together in his hand, for a specific purpose, with a specific calling, pre-designed to fit my life, with a blueprint, that fits my every curve.

A special pattern made just for me! Unequally outlined, and stitched to fit my size.

No one in the world can do what I do, they may copy me, but they can never be me. The me full of flaws, full of imperfections, full of hurts, and rejection, imperfectly perfect in his eyes! Perfectly designed, to fit, his perfect plan.

Fearfully and wonderfully made for a greater purpose and greater plan.

-Lena Joseph

Like clay in potters hand, lifeless, without purpose waiting for the breath of life…

” BREATHE” and here I was, fearfully and wonderfully, formed and fashioned in the potters hand. I was ready to be send out on the mission to EARTH, on an assignment, to complete what he created me for.

This is when FIRESTARTER was born, my personal Identity, and Greater Plan, that fits my every flaw, and every curve!

I was send on a mission to Ignite souls on FIRE, burning with DESIRE to PURSUE passion, and his GREATER plan.


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