Day 7 – Judgment


Reading for Personal Growth, 

by Matthew Myers

day 7-Judgement

Edited by Lena Joseph

Very interesting read this morning. I will have a full day of thought and look forward to conversations on this today at church and otherwise. 7 verses and two major lessons. I will talk about each one’s thoughts to me in the end but I will space the two passages so you can see the break in thoughts. It is amazing how Jesus could (through James) say so much in so few words. I am better understanding now when they say to think and ponder over everything you read in the bible. Two little verses can be entire teaching and if you just blaze over it in reading, you miss it.

READ James 4:6-12

Ok, this got me in so many ways. So let me start with the first section. There is so much being said here, one a now beautiful memory and the other a lesson. The lesson–if you are fully committed to God and focused solely on him, resisting the devil’s temptations and fully vested in God, the devil will flee from you. Reasons being, if you are God’s fully and unwavering he has no power over you and is wasting his time. The next part of the verse reminds me of when I first came to God and asked for forgiveness and accepted Christ into my life. IT is also a daily lesson I need to bring nearer to my heart. Realizing we are sinners and needing God, personally I ended up in tears, publicly bemoaning my own unworthiness for his grace. I cried at my own life lived in complete folly and wasted instead of serving him. Then I know the joy I instantly felt after accepting him. That peaceful feeling that washed all the pain away. But now I realize, reading this that this needs to be a daily process in my life. I, the double-minded, still live in this world and I still take pleasure from a lot of things I shouldn’t. I still sin on a daily basis. I need to more often humble myself before God, and let him lift me up instead of seeking pleasure outside his word.

The second part, I will try to keep it short and sweet. God is the only one who can judge us. As sinners, we are no better to place judgments on our brother than he is us. Sin is sin and if you are guilty of sin, and we all are, then we are in the same place without God. Leave the judgments to him, even if we do not agree with our brother or sister’s actions. He is the only one who can judge. Lots more can be said about this and I could write a book on just those two verses. Today, however, is not that day.

GOD Bless and see you at church, hopefully.

Think about it

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