Day 3 – Temptations

Temptations are all around us


Reading for Personal Growth, 

by Matthew Myers

Day 3- Temptations

Edited by Lena Joseph

All too often, when something goes wrong or we find ourselves doing things we shouldn’t be, we blame God. The verse I read today struck home to me the error in that thinking.

Read James 1:13-18

Another passage and another pair of thoughts on it, I would like to share. Please feel free to share your thoughts as well below. I could be completely off base and I welcome your input.

Thought 1

Our own sinful and evil nature is what tempts us. God is not putting things in front of us to lead us astray. He isn’t out to create failure in us. In fact just the opposite. He left us his word. The truth of the Bible is here to help us better ourselves and to resist worldly temptations.

Thought 2

It is actually really important to God that we do well and present an image of Him in this world. That is a tall order I know but look at the last line of the text. Remember we are to give the first 10 percent to God. The first 10 percent is the best of the best. The first fruits. Now, knowing that, verse 18 says he gave us birth through the word that WE might be a kind of first fruits of all he created. WOW. That is a tall order that I know I certainly fall short of.

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