A Light Unto my Path

he WORD of God is compared to, or likened as a lamp, as well as the light to my journey.

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Declaration: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

This passage is taken out of very long chapter of the book of Psalms, but serves as a declaration to life, and beauty. The chapter itself is filled with much wisdom, and insight. If you can read through the passage, please do! There are many jewels within. Verse 105 happens to be one of those passages that is recited or quoted, quite often.

What does it mean, and how does it relate to us?

The WORD of God is compared to, or likened as a lamp, as well as the light to my journey. Light being a source of energy in the pathways of my life, and the lamp, as a guidance to my feet concerning decisions I am to make.

The lamp normally generates light, or gives energy to the room or place, for the purpose of seeing clearly.

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The light provides clarity, and makes things visible in the darkness.

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In this passage the lamp is applied to the feet for the purpose of seeing what’s ahead, and the light is applied to the path, to shine truth unto my situation or circumstance, on the way there. The word of God is a figurative lamp that generates a light for the journey ahead, and a light unto a figurative pathway. It is a book that is unlike any book! It is a book that provides clarity, discernment as well as guides you on the path that God laid out for you.

I Can attest to that! A book that has completely turned my life around. Before God, and his WORD, I was a mess, seeking for direction, lost in the darkness, but when the light showed up, everything changed.

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