Wise vs Foolish Builder

A parable that illustrates a spiritual point


One of my favorite stories in the bible is the man that build his house on the rock, vs the man that build his house on sand found in Matthew 7: 24-27

A fascinating story of two builders. One that got prepared for the storm, and one that didn’t.


A wise man

build his house on the rock. 

And when the STORM rolled in, the house that was built on a steady foundation, withstood the storm!

The wise builder is a man who thinks about his future and prepares his house ahead of time. He builds his house on the rock, Jesus Christ, the solid ground. When the rain come, the house is well secured to withstand the storms of life. This man is not worried about the storm, his confidence is in his ROCK, his fortress, his STAND. 

A foolish one

death valley, scrubs, sand-89261.jpg

build his house on sand

And when the STORM rolled in, the house that was built on sand, fell to the ground! It did not stand! It got destroyed!

The foolish man however makes hasty decisions and builds his house on temporary things of this world. Temporary peace, temporary fortress, with sand, and objects that do not last. When storms of life come his way, the house is not able to wither the storms. The minute that trouble show up at the doorstep, the foundation crumbles, and that house is destroyed.

When we apply scriptures to our daily life, we are building a secure fort all around us, with confidence, assurance of the Almighty, but when we excuse the word God plants in our heart, we are open for the enemy to come ravage our house, and destroy it.

Be a wise builder and build your house on the rock, because your life depends on it!

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