Mission & Vision

This image comes from a dream I received in 2015 a call to Cyber ministry, to ignite hearts via the internet, in the areas I am passionate about, one day, one heart at a time until the day of his coming.

In this dream, I was a speck of light, raised high above the earth, in space, directed to different parts of the earth to deliver a package. When I completed my assignment, I was then taken to another part of the globe instantaneously in seconds. I visited China, Africa, Europe, USA in seconds.

I then heard a gentle, but authoritative voice “The day is approaching fast

I felt a presence but I could not see who it was, he was at my right hand directing my moves. No matter where I went he was in total control guiding my moves.

Instantaneously I would be sent to different parts of the earth. I had something in my hand to deliver, and as soon as I dropped it off, I was on my way to another place. This continued on until I saw the areas I visited, light up with the same light and do the same thing I was doing.

I saw many of these lights lift up into clouds, to what felt like a modern-day concept of the rapture, and I remember thinking how I will no longer have pain, struggle or even pay bills. I recognized those were my carnal thoughts and desires. We were all drawn to this area in the sky, and like a magnet drawn to it. Just as I was about to enter in, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace, joy, happiness, satisfaction, all packed into one. That feeling cannot be described here on earth hidden deep within my heart. And just when I was about to enter in, I was awakened by my husband, and the dream cut short.

I woke with a sense of feeling to “GO” and move in my calling. I didn’t know what I was to do, but I felt ready. When things didn’t quite go as I envisioned then, I became confused, and at disarray. I put my dream on the back burner and forgot all about it. It was eight months later that I found myself moving in the very calling described in my dream. I later understood that it was my desire, passion, and pursuit, that ignited that day, and nothing could stop that fire.

I started writing in my journal to ignite and encourage my close-knit community Firestarter-Ignite on my daily journey of life, then a desire birthed to share my personal studies, spiritual insights, and later my personal blogging moments here.

Anything I share is Faith Integrated, and Goal Driven build on the values, and principles of the Kingdom. I Blog daily on the topics, and subjects, that I am passionate about.

You can find anything, from my personal prayers to favorite scriptures, stories, thoughts about certain spiritual matters, difficult moments in life, issues in my spiritual walk, and journey, family treasures, relationship advice, marital concerns, fashion and so much more.

Walking away, I am hoping you are ignited, and inspired to keep pushing on your journey, to attain your desired GOAL pursuing your purpose, to reach your Destiny through my reads.