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A Collection of Spiritual Delights for the Soul and Spirit from my Table to yours to ignite and empower GREATNESS from within. Discover your treasure, and feed your spirit, through my reads. 

Behind the vision

I am personally driven by a DREAM that has awaken my passion and pursuit after the things of GOD, and my individual Calling. In this Dream, I discovered my purpose and my desire to pursue that PURPOSE ignited from deep within. I have seen this vision years ago ( 2014 in a DREAM) but it was in 2018 that the vision was established ( in stone). Not knowing what it’s going to look like, I embarked on the journey to Build by Faith. This website was build from a DREAM, that was envisioned years ago. Regardless of the setbacks and obstacles I faced, I pressed through every obstacle, every struggle, circumstance and trial, to come out VICTORIOUS! 


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To provide resources needed to help assist an individual on this journey of life through a diverse range of content that reflects my personal experiences, thoughts and spiritual journey, reflections on my favorite prayers, spiritual pieces, and insights turned from challenging life experiences. 

You can find articles, blogs, podcast, and more

My Site is packed with articles, quotes, and writings that will nourish, and ignite the fire from within. Whether you’re browsing for tips to overcome procrastination, seeking leadership advice, parenting tips, recipes, or in need of a dose of uplifting messages, MY BLOG has it!

My foremost aim is to inspire and enlighten my readers by sharing how God’s teachings have impacted my life and how I continue to apply these teachings in my everyday life in bettering myself, and those around me. No challenge goes unchallenged, my GOAL is to overcome them all!

EST 2018

I share whats on my heart and mind, about the things and matters that I am passionate and driven by, things that inspire and motivate to Action; God, Family, Personal Goals, Purpose, and Ministry. I have integrated a lot of my roles, and do my best to make it available HERE at my TABLE. I hope you like my CORNER and find it helpful, and inspirational for daily life, and spiritual journey. As a MOM, Mentor, and Warrior I am here to share my Journey from different seasons of life, via blogs, studies, and so much more.

Residing in the Sunshiny States with my family I live to Glorify God in all my doing, from Mothering to Mentoring to Coaching varies invidials around the GLOBE I am truly honored to be intrusted with such task. I am quite pasionate about the BIBLE, helping others thrive and succeed, leading ministry, family time, gardening, reading and writing Devotionals, as well as putting together Studies on my Site. Start your day with inspiration and motivation from the articles on my site that can change your mindset and perspective, feed the spirit, raise mood, and help find purpose & direction for the day ahead.

I am also looking for passionate writers to feature and promote on my Site, contact me for more information.
Lena Joseph
Site Owner, Creator & Builder

EST 2018
Firestarter-Ignite was founded in 2018 to provide a source of enjoyable content for PEOPLE in my circle of influence and my connections. This project was the result of collaborative efforts with people on my team which aimed to create an online platform that encourages personal AND spiritual growth, and development. As a resource provider, I share my perspectives on topics that are relevant to my audience and that I believe would benefit and empower others. Initially, I began with a journal and transitioned to creating a community Blog-Site for Firestarter-Ignite, a ministry I started in 2018- 2020 and later carried the mission HERE. By sharing personal experiences MY HOPE is to enrich the lives of everyone who visits my site with delights I share at this TABLE.
Lena J
Owner, Designer, Blogger

I Mentor.

Whether it's personal advice, leadership guidence, or ministry assistance, I am here to HELP. As a Breakthrough Coach and Mentor I am skilled in the area, looking for people desiring CHANGE towards Purpose and Success. With my attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and dedication, I guarantee that you will receive exceptional service and high-quality work from me.

I Teach.

Podcast on the Go, derived from my Journey of Life featuring Studies, Encouragement, and Spiritual Delight. I share what’s on my heart, and mind, via Podcast Delight and hope to offer insight, hope, and faith in the midst of DAILY battles of life, to those listening, and passing by.

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I Write.

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My BLOG is packed with articles, quotes, and writings that will nourish, and ignite the fire from within. Whether you’re browsing for tips to overcome procrastination, seeking leadership advice, parenting tips, recipes, or in need of a dose of uplifting messages, MY BLOG has it!

I like to study the Bible, share my story, and help others find their path in life. I am a spiritual mentor and have helped many people find their identity and purpose in life. I teach in-depth studies to better understand the Bible and apply its principles to everyday life. I also have a Facebook group for people walking confidently in their purpose. If you want to join us, reach out to me and let me know how I can help you.