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The other day the girls asked me what I would like to do for my birthday, and without much hesitation I named a few things…today looking back at my birthday weekend, I got to do those things and more. Even the desires that I have not mentioned to anyone, were fulfilled.

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

Psalm 139:16

Waking up on my birthday I wasn’t quite excited like I was every year. I am getting older, how many parties can you plan, it seems just like another day, there is really nothing I want for my birthday, I have everything I ever wanted. I am getting a year older, but other than that it’s just another year. Another BIRTH DAY!


Happy Birthday MOM!

My daughter was holding beautiful art piece in her tiny little hand with her eyes, glowing with excitement.

Mom I made this for you. This is you! Thank you for always taking good care of us.

– my youngest exclaiming with excitement

My talented artist made me the best thing this morning, when I am just starting my morning, something she pained herself, Artwork that possibly took time to make. 🎨

Sitting on my couch sipping on my coffee in the early morning, I began to reminiscent about the early days. The many parties I’ve thrown, and people have thrown me, the many gifts I’ve received, brunches, dinners, hugs and kisses…

Those were the days, and I still got a lot to experience in my future.

When out of nowhere, my oldest comes and jumps in my lap. Which is kind of adorable, (though I can barely hold her)

except when you have a cup of coffee in your hand. Thank GOD it was chilled coffee, not hot.

Instead of reacting negatively, I started laughing profusely, and turned that moment into a funny moment.

What a birthday coffee shower to remember for days to come! Thanks baby! I literally got soaked. What a great start to my birthday.

-Me, sarcastically speaking trying to be funny.

I quickly wiped down my couch, changed my shirt, washed my coffee stained shirt, and jumped in the shower.

I am truly loved, and life is good! TODAY I am 37! I am a Mom, of two young and respectable daughters, wife of 14 years to my wonderful husband, who has been taking care of us, over the years, to whom I am thankful, and beyond grateful. I have done what I’ve desired to accomplish this far

I’ve gone through journeys, and valleys, in my life. I’ve climbed mountains, fought battles, had moments of draught, happy moments, and sad ones too, blessed and fortunate, healthy, here to see yet another YEAR.

Ready to START my day!

After much self care, make up and hair, and changing into a fresh outfit my daughter picked out for me, and photo-shoot, I was ready to get this day started.

I was going to grab something to eat, then we were going to stop by the mall, and do a little shopping. Maybe get nails done, and hair. I have been wanting to change my hairstyle, and pamper myself.

Panera Bread it is!

When we got to the plaza, suddenly Denny’s looked like a better choice. So we changed route and parked at Denny’s.

I had a delicious meal, and just simply a good time enjoying the company of my girls.

Next we were going to browse through the mall. First stop, BOOKS A MILLION

I love me some BOOKS A MILLION. They always have fun stuff to try, books to browse through, plenty to check out and hang out .

I may or may have not gotten a few things. #mylittlesecret

As I am browsing through, checking out the latest products, I glanced up, towards  the exit, at the register.


– me with amusement and excitement

Lauren and I share a birthday. Lauren is my UPC friend, a church I attended a few years back. Lauren was always so sweet, and we always had fun conversations about boys, nails, clothes, God… and Aleah her friend too, we always have fun and deep conversations.

I changed my mind about the nails, and instead we scurried through the mall, a few clothing stores, a sound room, and grabbed a slushy from Taste of Paradise, one of my favorite places for slushes.

It started raining, we were already tired so we head on home. I got my FREE dozen of donuts, plus 2, from Krispy Kreme, apparently you get perks for being a member.

It’s looking like a good day so far. Possibly will do something fun later. While I am thinking nothing special, my husband and the kids planned something special

First up, ROSES a dozen of roses for yours truly

and CAKE

Decorated, with my name on it! Thanks babe, you already did so much for me, THIS WAS icing on the Cake!

I blew the candles, made a wish, cut the cake, and got me a piece of delicious vanilla cake. This girl was happy, satisfied, and content !

God is truly listening, even to those quiet moments we think no one is paying attention to.

Happy birthday to me!

This is what gets my heart pumping! Value, and special moments like this, birthday cards filled with special words ❤️ and sentimental thoughts.

Speaking of sentimental things, and thoughts, husband got me some cash to get my nails done, and do my hair.

If that wasn’t enough, my artist also gifted me with more ART to hang in my Kitchen.

I will treasure this forever, and affirm myself in the mornings! I am bold, strong and courageous!

and to TOP if off we watched Mr Bean Holiday until I fell asleep.

FRIDAY 06/10

The next day I got a message from hubs

We going out later if you like, whatever you want/choose

– Hubs message

Sure, I had been wanting to try that TACO One Night Stand place we passed by the other day, or La Nopalera

-me, responding

So we got dressed, and out we went, after some pictures.

LOVED THE PLACE! Tacos were amazing! Service exceptional, good conversation, amazing VIBE, music! It was exactly what I wanted.


The next morning, hubs proposed the idea to go to the beach, with which I responded.

Yes please!

Beach was one of the things on my list. I wanted to sit by the beach, and enjoy the waves.

That’s exactly what we did.

SUNDAY 06/12

Sunday I went to church, taught my class, and we had Stake and Shake for lunch/dinner. I got my favorite Butter sandwich (THE BEST) and Kit Kat SHAKE

Overall my Birthday weekend was one for the BOOKS, at least in my book. I am very humble! I don’t need diamonds or jewelry, or expensive vacations to make me happy. Thanks baby for making my birthday special, I love you!

To my girls, all the details of my birthday were well thought out , thanks for being the BEST! I love You!

and to everyone that wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and send text/ calls I cherish you, and Thank YOU for your presence in my life !

Blessings in abundance!


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