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Founded in 2018 with a vision to share Spiritual Delights in a form of BLOG, podcast, and Study, to ignite hearts  with HOPE and FAITH 

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PARTNERED with GEM Outreach to share a profound WORD for Daily Encouragement and Delight 

Designed to grow believers as well as feed, the Soul and Spirit

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Reflection, Revelation from the Throne of Grace through prayer, worship, praise.

Strategies and Revelations for the WAR-ROOM


Verse of the DAY in scriptural context and biblical revelation




Taken from the book of Proverbs, with spiritual insights I share my thoughts and heart on the wisdom at hand. I hope you find my site encouraging, and inspiring on this daily journey, and walk of life. I’ve compiled my works from different seasons of my life, ENJOY!! 



The book of Psalms is my everyday go to. Here I am sharing a collection of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them, as much as I do. PSALMS is full of TREASURE!

About Me

Lena -Kingdom Warrior Site Director and Manager Est 2018

Ventured out to write a book about my life, and sharing my thoughts, ended up picking up my calling, and stepping into Destiny. Follow my Journey!

Residing in the Sunshiny State of Florida TOGETHER with her husband, she lives to glorify God, train up her children, and follow her CALLING deep from within.

Lena is DRIVEN and determined to complete her MISSION and TASK

  • Devoted MOM to her children, present and very involved in the details of their lives. Lena also manages to support her daughters, spend quality time building legos, or go to the library, setting time aside to invest and encourage GIFT within. 
  • She is a MENTOR who has walked alongside many to assist on their journey, through Encouragement, Group Mentorship, uplifting hearts, and empowering lives
  • She is a TEACHER. Lena hasn’t always seen herself as a teacher, but after strepping into her role, she embraced the gift within. She teaches BIBLE studies via PODCAST and is a Sunday school TEACHER at a Local Community Church instilling the word of God into young hearts, and minds.
  • She is a WARRIOR training up and equipping Soildiers for spiritual Battle, and Breakthrough.