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Chase the FUN

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone. Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

The other day I was in my daughter's room, when a book casually laying on her bed, caught my eye " Chase the Fun" by Annie F. DOWNS. it's a BOOK or rather Devotional that prioritizes or chases the FUN, in an intentional kind of way.

Most of us barely have time for all the stuff we have to do, let alone the stuff we want to do.

We can be so caught up in life, that we forget to live, without having any fun at all.
New York bestselling author and Podcaster Annie F Downs says that's no way to live! and a thought popped into my head, When was the last time I chased FUN? In my almost 40 years of life, when have I prioritized or even chased FUN intentionally and on purpose ?

I asked for the book, and here I am blogging about it!

…because, mamas, sisters, brothers, working, home or bosses, when was the last time we chased FUN, I mean intentionally prioritized or scheduled Fun on our Calendar, or put it on our schedule?! 

We are always busy on the go, taking care of everything, AND everyone, kissing boo-boos and wiping noses, chasing this paper, literally and metaphorically speaking, but taking care of our own priorities, health, and FUN.

After reading a few pages, and reflecting on Day 5 I thought to myself

it's TIME to prioritize and chase the FUN. Dishes will still be here, laundry will still be here, floors to clean, kids to take care of, paperwork, endless errands to run, all will still be here, when I come back

refreshed and re-energized ready to be the best, and greater version of myself

Housework, errands, work will still be here, when I come back !

but my time to learn and self reflect only happens when I’m intentional about it.

So here we go! Buckle in!

Fun can be categorized in different ways, or can be looked from a different perspective because everyone has their own definition of fun !

to some watching a movie, going out to get ice-cream, doll up on a date, eat tacos, playing games is FUN

to others self care is of much importance, quality time with loved ones, playing domino, cards, board games, going to the gym is FUN!

and some others jumping off cliffs, hiking on a mountain, or even skydiving is an exhilarating thought 

When it comes to FUN, Ask yourself

Where do I thrive the most? What makes me happy, or what gives me joy the most?!

As a little girl I enjoyed the company of others, as an older adult I enjoy quiet peaceful times. As a little girl I ran and played until midnight, but as a grown woman I enjoy curling up on the couch watching movies and drinking tea with my husband. As a young teenager I thought hanging out with people mattered most, but as a young adult I learned that people can drain, and suck life out of you,

at times, depending on who you are around!

Now that I am older and wiser, my priorities are changing, and so is my definition of Fun, 

what remains however is a few little things left from my childhood. 

The importance of peace, joy, tranquility, and FUN!

Over the years, and pouring out from an empty cup, catering to everyone's needs, but my own, I've lost a little joy, poured out a little too much, forgetting to fill my cup.

So today I’ll focus on joy, peace, tranquility, and FUN! Yours may look a little different than mine, depending on the season, or life stage you’re in, would you join me? 

I’ll share what matters to me, you’re also welcome to share what’s important to you, and maybe even jot down a few notes. 

My main Goal is to FOCUS on my goal, and don’t look anywhere but ahead. Not at what everyone else is doing, or has going on, not on how beautiful or ugly her house is, how well put together her kids are, or how disgruntled and lost she is, who has more, and who has less, what type of car she’s driving, or how many kids she’s having…

my Goal is to FOCUS on mine, and what’s in my hand!

how I can be a better mom to my kids, how I can spend that quality time with them, my peace, my joy, what makes me smile, and what makes me happy, how I can be of servitude to those God entrusted in my hand, and how I can better my health in the long run.

When I focus on mine, I don’t see what’s yours! Grass is greener where you water it!

what you spend time on, will grow the MOST! What you prioritize will be visible in your life.

Fun is something we got to be intentional about, it doesn’t come easy, it requires intentionality, effort and focus!

I must be intentional with my time, energy, and where I spend it! My every effort counts, and my focus is of much importance.

as the author puts it in Day 1

Chase the Fun

And while I’m on this journey of chasing FUN 

I’ll START by asking myself this Question?

What’s is the NEXT right thing in my life?!

Where do I thrive, and how can I be better? 

One thing I have in mind is to RUN the race marked before me with perseverance, courage and strength!

with wisdom, counting my days worthy, filled with creative and inspiring things!

my motivator?

Enjoying life to the fullest and counting my days worthy! 😌

for the next few months, I’ll be in this Book, and sharing my delights, go ahead and sign up to be included when I post my blog, because I promise you,

it's going to be good! xoxo Lena

Ignite & Empower

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