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Be Still and Know

We all go through seasons in our life where things seem unbearable and out of our control. There are some things we CAN control, but there are situations where we are simply powerless against it…

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Anointed but not Appointed?

As believers we are not exempt from trouble, we will go through storms, and face trials but in the midst, of our storms and trials God gives us peace, and comfort, that is unlike in this world, to face our challenges…

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More than Conquerors!

No matter what we face on a daily basis, God sees ahead of our schedule. He sees what we are going through, what we will go through, our challenges, our weaknesses, our circumstances. God is ahead of us, and every step we take…

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Wise vs Foolish Woman

Today I am reading and recording an Episode from the book of Proverbs. One of my favorite books in the BIBLE. Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, asks God for wisdom…

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No Excuses!

As some of you know recently I celebrated my birthday! 38 years young! More than three decades! I have experienced much, seen much, testimonies to share…

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