April 16, 2024

Comparison kills, contententment saves.


for the Soul and Spirit
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In life and journey, we will encounter obstacles on the way, as well as opportunities that come our way. We can choose how we respond to them, and how we see them. We can either see the obstacle as a problem, or we can see the opportunity through that obstacle. Be sure to examine your path, and look through the eyes of Faith, not Fear.

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Comparison is one of ways that can be used to block our way to Destiny, fully walking in our purpose, discovering who we are, and even completing our assignment here on earth. 

When you make a comparison, you consider two or more things that are similar, and discover the differences between them. via Dictionary.com

For example; who I am and who they are

Their purpose and mine

My assignment vs their assignment

Not only that! We compare skillset, gifting, ability, calling, purpose, we compare strength, color, function, and so forth

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Fear not! God has not created you and I to compare, he has created us to be unique and different

Comparing ourselves to others, when God created us to be unique and different is a dangerous game, and a foolish way of thinking. We were created for a purpose, with different function, to work together for the good of humanity, and purpose.

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Ephesians 4: 11-12

” And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ”

In other words, he created some to be builders, some encouragers, others to preach the Gospel, while some others to be providers, to care, to teach, to lead, to distribute, to discipline.

For the benefit of everyone

Many members, different functions! Some to serve, some to teach, some to help, while others to reach.

A hand will do the work of reaching out and helping the needy, the feet will walk and bring the Gospel of good news, the mouth will speak, preach, and teach, the brain will strategize and think.

You get the point!

Comparing is like copying your neighbors paper, when you both have a different set of questions.

Comparison is a thief, and a trap

Of Happiness, to Purpose and Destiny

Thief takes something that belongs to us.

thief is a person who steals something from another person.

The author of theft is the devil, and he has come to take, destroy and create trouble. John 10:10

If we let him. Key word here!

Why would you compare yourself to someone when God gave you a unique ability to be you?

Why would you waste your time wishing and wondering when you can stop and look in a different direction?

Yourself, seeing for who God created you to be, and embracing differences with pleasure.

Instead of comparing let’s celebrate each other in the way that we already are, taking away nothing, or adding something. Comparison takes away our ability to enjoy life as it is, steals peace of having enough, or being content with what we already have in our hands.

When we realize we are all different, unique, and perfect in our own way, we can bring something different to the table. Different members, different functions, operating in different way, one body, for purpose.

Let’s look at the flowers, so many different colors. Lets look at the leaves, and variety of textures, all around us, it makes the world, unique and amazing. We don’t see flowers striving to look different, we don’t see flowers reaching out into the territory of another flower, they are content right where they are.

And what about the birds, big small peaks, red yellow green colors, animals with paws and claws, fangs, feathers.

Just look around you! All unique and different for a purpose

Instead of living a life of comparison, live a life that is designed to fit you, and your calling. Irradiate the lies you’ve told yourself of not measuring up to Sally, Peter, or Molly. Get rid of toxic emotions of not feeling enough, worthy, or accepted.

Sally may look put together but is struggling to love herself, because she constantly looks out for the needs of others, forgetting to care for herself first. Her clothes is on point, her make up is always right, but inside she is dying with low self confidence, and comparison, struggling to be her true self.

Molly has a nice, car, family, but is full of sadness, and unhappiness because she spends all that energy creating a life she never desired to have, trying to please the impossible image in her head, to the standard of others. Molly is never home because she is chasing the image of always wanting more. If I could just get one more , I’ll be good enough. If I could just do this, then they will accept me finally, if I say the right thing, do the right thing, then I’ll be good.

Lies, Deception, Falsehood!

Peter realizes that chasing money, and accomplishments is a race he’ll never win, because once he reaches his goal, someone else is further than he is. So like a slave he puts on fake smiles, to reach his next milestone, but inside he is dying.

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You are perfectly imperfect to do that which God placed on your life. All your imperfections and flaws are designed to create the beautiful life that God designed for you. Live a life worthy of your calling 🙏❤🎯 Don’t chase the approval of others, because you’ll always be chasing more, never having enough, always wanting more.

I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.

Philippians 4:11

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing different people collaborate for God’s Glory. Each person brings something unique to the Table, and together we are more powerful.

Ignite & Empower

Did you enjoy this Article? Are you familier with any of the Obstacles mensioned? If you are struggling with any specific roadblocks you’d like to discuss or need further guidence, feel free to let me know.

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I want you to receive FREEDOM, and walk in abundance! These are my thoughts and my heart.

In the meantime…

Live life to the fullest, Laugh as much as you can, love without condition or measure