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No matter where we find ourselves in life, we will be challenged to become a LEADER. Great leaders are not born, they are made through time and season. Leadership Development is of much importance,  quality characteristics are also important to possess, and develop. These traits can serve as a benefit to the individual, company at large, family life, and can be stepping stones to individual’s progress and success. 


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What is Consistency?

a) Agreement or logical coherence among things or parts;

b) Reliability or uniformity of successive results or events;

c) Degree of density, firmness, or viscosity


To be consistent is to be of perfect state, uniform, reliable, and firm. That speaks to me of Excellency or uniformity of things; to be on time, not just one or two times, but throughout series of events, and to keep one’s word, or hold each other accountable.

God – Creator of the universe, father, Ultimate, and the ONLY supreme being, expects us to be consistent in our actions, with our words, with the way we handle things, and how we go about things. Humans, created in his likeness and image are to follow a standard of Excellency. As Representatives of Christ we are that much more accountable, and are to portray the characteristics Christ embodies. Though we are fresh, we are also spirit, made in the image and likeness of God.


Consistency comes with practice


When we are firm one time, and not so firm another, we don’t beat ourselves, or condemn ourselves, instead we cut ourself some slack, and give ourselves GRACE, that measure of favor, that is available to us, when we Ask.

The more we practice the more we become good at it!

So what are some areas that you are not so good at? List them, and bring them to the TABLE, then turn around in your actions. God is faithful to forgive us, of all unrighteousness.

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