Don’t stress out too much, God has a plan

We all get frustrated at times. When things don’t work out the way we expect them to, when things don’t go according to pre-planned out plan 😞. We get angry, and sad even. We are behind, late on schedules, time is money, energy is priceless. We get tired, we get impatient, we get disappointed and we even dare to start to question God, and the promises… they seem so far away 🙏🏻 God forbid !

This has been a tough season in my life. I am juggling blogging/writing, motherhood, and ministry, not to mention social media and group content. Not an easy task let me tell you! Running around trying to make everyone happy, while everything else is screaming for your attention. My broken website, people on need of rescue, mentorship, no idea what to share, editing issues, laundry, dishes, homework, and yes dusty shelves, and dirty floors.

….more on this in a little bit

I am a chauffer in this season, to and from school 🏫 then library right after. It takes me an hour to get from one school to the other, in the morning, and evening. I have an Elementary student at one school, and High schooler on another end. Did I mention traffic, long lines, and impatient teenagers? My youngest wants me to take her to the library, while the older one wants to stay home. THEY missed each other, lots to talk about, unwind, and debate. No break in between, on the go, school drop off in one direction, then pick up at another location, then off to the library we go.

Sometimes I just grab my pre-made cup of coffee, snack bar, throw in a load of dirty clothes in the washer/dryer, turn on my dishwasher, plan a meal, cut up some chicken, prepare for the meal, put away some clothes, and off I go.

This is where I get my blogging done, alongside with my youngest working on homework assignments, shuffling through flashcards, for an upcoming quiz, every FRIDAY! ( Accountability, Encouragement, and Support) as well as editing content for the website, groups and ministry.

You didn’t think this was easy did you? A lot of work goes into writing articles, and publishing blogs. Don’t take bloggers, and content creators for granted! Creating content, uploading images, editing fonts, proof reading, then finally publishing is a lot of work, time spend, and energy that we sometimes don’t have. Yes we are human too!

The other week my website, yes the one you are reading from CRASHED!! Security issues! An update I recently downloaded caused my website to crash, and get this, I LOST ALL MY FILES! REMINDER, to always back up your site and files! Yes I got my files back, thanks to IONOS my hosting provider, but my website was still having issues. No matter what I did, NOTHING and I mean nothing could fix the issue, even my hosting providers were in shock.

I had it! All my hard work down the drain, yes the files were restored but the MAIN website was acting up, which caused my production level to completely cease to exist.

And yes I am still a mentor running my private group on FULL force, encouraging people from an empty heart, and frustrated spirit, but I am still moving, by the grace of God! As a Mentor I am challenged to go beyond my comfort zone, and stretch outside of my bonds. Believe the impossible, stay faithful, regardless of what it looks like.

Pulled in many directions I feel as if am spend, nothing to give, yet I get up every morning and do this, all over again, because you guessed it “I don’t have a choice, and things are not going to get done themselves.”

This is not your typical blog, and thanks for letting me vent for a moment. While venting I am reminded to keep a positive attitude and a hopeful spirit. I am reminded that this too shall pass, and the sun will shine again. I am slowly recovering all of my files, and getting into routine of things. God has a plan 🙏🏻 and I believe what he’s doing is GREATER than I can imagine. I am only following in his footsteps. 👣

All things WORK OUT for my good, as long as I am faithful, consistent, and hopeful, I will see the goodness of God in the land of the living.
Romans 8:28

Sis, bro a WORD 🔥

All things do work out, in the end. No matter how many difficult seasons I’ve passed, I’ve always gotten to the other side. My PROMISE LAND! Stay FAITHFUL, consistent, and let HOPE guide you forward into all things WONDERFUL

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