Prayer for my husband

There’s a lot on his shoulders, much to carry, satan is waging war against him, sending arrows of destruction to knock him out, and as a partner I intentionally pick up this battle for us, because it matters, because he matters.

Prayer for my Husband

Our husbands are at constant battle. As providers, protectors and leaders much is in their hands. As wives we are to cover our husbands. Hell is against your husband. The enemy is strategizing attacks against him, through lies, deceit, and manipulation. A wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears her own house down.
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My Prayer

 My desire is that you will ignite with desire to PRAY for your own husband, and husbands in general

God I thank you for my husband, that you created him for every good work, he is prospering in all of his ways, even as his soul prospers. Plant him near fresh waters, bring forth fruit, in his season.

His mind stays on you. His thoughts are aligned with yours, his heart is turned to you. No evil befalls him nor disaster comes near him. Command your angels to guard him in all of his ways. Let his foot not dash against a stone. Protect him everywhere he goes. Surround him as with a shield of fire. Send godly influences into his life, destroy every evil destroyer that is send to distract him, or lead him astray. Order his steps, uphold him with your righteous hand. Every evil thought that exalts against your knowledge take it into captivity, I decree every evil assignment null and avoid.

I speak life over my husband, prosperity and wealth, in his mind, body, soul. Guide and direct him Lord, give him knowledge wisdom and understanding in the areas of his needs, to do his task, his designed mission. Thank you for his divine protection, his guidance and direction, his cup runs over. He is not lacking anything! Goodness and mercy follows him, grace covers him, as he rests in the shadow of the Almighty.

Whatever struggle he has, whatever burden, in his mind, spirit body, soul, I ask that you lighten his burden, bring clarity, and a sound mind. Your burden is light, your yoke is not heavy, fear is not his portion, joy is his delight. I Destroy every evil work in his life, and turn things around for his good. All things are working out in his favor. He is the head, and not the tail, he is above, and not below.

Protect him everywhere he goes, keep him safe on the road, watch over him, and shield him from all harm.

I give you Glory, Honor and Praise. Amen !

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 My desire is that you will ignite with desire to PRAY for your own husband, and husbands in general

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