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“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people
1 Timothy 2:1

As instructed, we are to pray for ALL people, and varies issues arising in our communities, cities, countries, and nations.

It is our duty as Intercessors, and Warriors of God to pray for our country, leaders, issues, and struggles. It is our responsibility to lift them up in the spirit to overcome battles, in the spirit realm. We are not fighting people, or situations, but powers, and principalities, that are set up in high places to destroy. Ephesians 6:12

If you have a strong DESIRE to pray for your nation, issues, and struggles, you are called to be an INTERCESSOR, and a WARRIOR of God, to stand in the gap for your generation.  Pick up your assignment, go into your secret room, and begin your task, the Lord is calling YOU! 

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" We need women, and men of GOD to rise up, and PRAY (stand in the gap for cities, communities, families, and country at large. We need WARRIORS of God to RISE and take authority as sons and daughters of CHRIST, to counter attack the darkness! We cannot let darkness destroy any longer, we MUST rise up!  "
Lena J
Mentor & Warrior

If you have a desire to PRAY and interceede for various issues and communities TOGETHER with other Prayer Warriors, JOIN a TEAM that comes together to PRAY

Featured Prayers

Enjoy praying these prayers that are nourishing to your spirit and soul, on the GO, reflected through the WORD of GOD, consecration and deep prayer. These prayers are derived from my own prayer life, and other Prayer Warriors

Prayer for Husbands | Tune in on the GO via YOUTUBE!

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Our husbands face many challenges on daily basis, as providers, protectors, and leaders of our homes, and outside of it. So much is coming against their mind, and spirit, as wifes we ought to encourage them, be devoted to them, and pray for them. The enemy- the devil wants to destroy marriages, but we can protect our marriage by being smart and avoid destructive behavior.

Daily Morning Prayer | Tune in on the GO via YOUTUBE!

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A Conversation with God, a dialog with your Creator about the things that matter to you. One who knows you, from inside out. One who knows your every step, your desires, hopes and aspirations. He has good plans and thoughts for you. Plans to prosper you, not to harm you, to give you hope, and a future.

My Prayer Pattern | Tune in on the GO via YOUTUBE!

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Our opponent wants to harm us and ruin our reputation with God. We shouldn't allow that to happen. We should take precautions and pray before starting our day in order to safeguard ourselves. Prayer empowers us to live happily and positively with our loved ones. Create a pattern of prayer for your life.

Cleansing Prayer | Tune in on the GO!

Just like in the natural world, we wash our faces, clean our hands, and take showers, our spirit, mind, and heart need cleansing too. Our hearts and minds can get polluted too. Our spirits can get impure too! With all the things that are going on in the world and all the negativity that is surrounding us, we should be cleansing our spirit even more so.

Did you enjoy these Prayers ? Adapt them to your routine!