President’s DAY

In honor of President’s Day today, I wanted to take a moment and pray for our president, and those that are in authority over us.

An Opportunity to PRAY

In honor of President’s Day today, I wanted to take a moment and pray for our president, and those that are in authority over us. Paul the Apostle urged young leader in the church, Timothy to Pray for leaders and those in AUTHORITY in his letter to Timothy 1 Timothy 1

The Bible explicitly tells us to pray for kings and all that are in authority, which includes presidents, governors, and even mayors. We believe our nation is at a dangerous crossroad, and we need God or step in. The only one who can fix our country’s problems is God Himself, and we pray that God will bless our president and our nation for His glory.

It was in 2017 when I learned that praying for leaders is of such importance, that I began to cover leaders assigned to me. The area in which you live is your assignment to pray. Not just for leaders as in the current president, but also leaders in every position of Authority starting with President, to vice president, secretary of state, to the attorney general, secretary of defense, governors, state senate, governor, major, and even your district leaders.

You can Pray for your leaders President Joe Biden Vice President Kamala Harris Secretary of State Antony Blinken Attorney General Merrick Garland Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and other leaders in the country by Locating your Area on the MAP to pray for your leaders, BUT why stop there, consider praying for local leaders, and even national leaders. We need to cover our leaders so that we may lead peaceful and quiet lives.

Prayer Points you can pray

Leaders WILL FEAR GOD and be accountable to GOD, in every decision, and action they take. They WILL NOT fear men but seek approval from GOD. WILL NOT seek to please people, but be servants of Christ. Galatians 1:10

Leaders WILL be led by wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Holy Spirit, not by emotions, perceptions, and feelings. Proverbs 4:6-7

Leaders WILL lead those assigned to them, through example, serving, respect, and honor. Matthew 20:26

Leaders WILL guide people with knowledge, and understanding without hypocrisy and judgment. Leaders who are in love with GOD, and are after his own heart. Jeremiah 3:15

Before stepping into prayer, praise, repentance, cleansing must take place, then let us step BOLDLY into the presence of the LORD, petitioning before the THRONE of GRACE.


Heavenly Father,

PRAISE Thank you for your Mercies that are available to us every morning, thank you for your Grace that is extended to us our every waking moment. We don’t deserve your GRACE, yet you cover us. We don’t deserve your MERCY, yet you shower us.

How amazing are you LORD! Great is your faithfulness!

Your love, LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness beyond the clouds. We exalt you, and your name up high, higher than the heavens, wider than the oceans, deeper than the depths below. At the name of JESUS, every knee shall bow, and every tongue acknowledges that Jesus Christ is Lord.

REPENTANCE Walking away from your RIGHTEOUSNESS, we have disregarded your HOLINESS and defied your purity, forgive us, LORD, cover our transgressions, and wash over our imperfections. Extend your hand of mercy to us, and cover us with your GRACE. Pour out your Spirit on us, let your compassion notice us, and your abounding LOVE see us. Incline your ear to our cry, bind up the broken areas of our lives, and begin to restore our broken world.

CLEANSING We thank you that your blood cleanses us with blood that flows from Calvary. We thank you that the blood of Jesus washes over our minds, renews principles, and teachings in our hearts today. We thank you that you remove every opinion, and idea that exalts itself against your knowledge, and your HOLY WORD. We thank you that you prepare our hearts, to receive your undiluted word of truth. Thank you for our eyes are OPEN to see, our ears are inclined to hear,  and our hearts are instructed to receive your further instructions.

YOUR REQUEST Convict our hearts to repent of evil ways, starting with LEADERS, taking responsibility, and showing accountability, for our actions. No longer will we be guided by PRIDE, but walk in humility; no longer will rebellion drive our actions, but meekness and kindness will direct our next step. Father we ask that you re-ignite our desires to honor, and respect you, above all else, starting with our homes, and our families. We ask that your fresh anointing sweeps over this nation, and hearts are ignited to serve you with our whole heart, and mind. Let us honor you, and reverence you in every detail of our lives. We reject foolishness and invite wisdom to lead us in your ways.

No longer will our nation be scattered, and miss-guided, no longer will our families be divided, but be UNITED in one spirit, and one accord.

Spirit of BOLDNESS rise up in us, and the FEAR of GOD rise up in our hearts. Let us honor you, respect you, and reverence you, in every detail of our lives, above all else! Let your will be done in our LAND, and beyond, according to your riches and your glory, on the power and authority of Jesus Christ of NAZARETH, AMEN!

On the account of scripture and the authority of the word of GOD.

Truly I tell you that if TWO OF YOU on earth, agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. Mathew 18:19

 Thy KINGDOM COME Thy WILL BE DONE on earth AS IT IS in Heaven. Mathew 6:10

 Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. Job 22:28

For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is  spoken by us to the glory of God.  2nd Cor 1:20

If you have not prayed for these leaders consider covering them daily. Ask God to protect them, to lead them, to give them knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, strength to lead, and to govern the people that God placed in their hands.

You can join various groups, to PRAY and COVER Leaders on a LOCAL, and then National Level.


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