Self Care is the BEST CARE

Everyone glorifies bussyness and grind, but rarely does anyone promote Self Care, or the idea of taking care of one self, resting, or anything related to it!

What is Self Care?

Self Care is the idea of taking care of yourself before anyone else. It refers to the activities and practices that we can do, and practice regularly to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Examples of self care vary from person to person, but the MAIN idea is to promote and maintain a healthy diet, praying, journaling, and spending time in nature. 

“TO better self for your self and others”

Self Care is not glorified!

I too struggle with it, and you're not alone! People everywhere are on a burn out, stressed out, frustrated, operating from an empty place. 😒 THIS should not be SO! When you're not well, everything around you will shake, and fall to the ground. It is important to STOP, be self aware and recognize your need for rescue!

What does Self Care look like?

I put together a list, go ahead and mark off the one’s you struggle with MOST. I already see a few I can check off my list.


1. Forgiving yourself. Do you have a problem forgiving yourself? You walk around bitter and frustrated, not just at yourself, but everyone around you. Maybe it’s time you took at look at yourself, and dug deep. Forgiveness is VITAL! You must let go of the hurt and pain, caused by someone else, or most importantly YOU.


2. Asking for HELP. DO you struggle with the idea of asking for HELP. YOU are overwhelmed, overburdened, but rarely do you ask for HELP. Do you have someone you can count on, talk to about your issues, seek for solutions? Self Care is about taking care of self, even if it means reaching out for HELP. THERE’S no shame in that!

3. Putting yourself First. This one was hard for me. I am always used to putting others first, and the good book, THE BIBLE even encourages to prefer others before self, however how can you prefer others, when we aren’t even putting ourselves first? It starts with YOU! Putting yourself first is self care!

4. Staying back without explanation. I mean really staying back from a party invitation, staying back when everyone else is moving forward. Staying back is much needed for your mental and emotional health. You have to be able to say NO, why not start there?

5. Setting Boundaries! This ONE Is a big one! Setting Boundaries when everyone else is taking down walls. There’s time and purpose for everything, Ecclesiastes 3 talks about embracing, but also talks about refraining. In order for people to respect you, you must set clear boundaries. “No I don’t do that”, “No I don’t need that!” “will not come by”.  No means no, and I don’t even have to explain. That’s SELF CARE. Creating a boundary for your sake, and not apologizing for creating it.

6. Spending time alone. Who are you when no one is around? Do you even like your own company? Why do you constantly seek for attention, approval, acceptance? Maybe you need to draw back, and spend time with yourself!? Work out alone, run alone, go to the movies alone, take yourself out for lunch alone. You ought to love yourself before you go and love someone else, seek validation from yourself, before seeking validation from someone else. Spending time alone, gives you an opportunity to discover yourself and love on yourself.

7. Saying NO. You must learn to say NO PERIOD, no explanation, just NO and that’s it. You don’t have to say yes to every opportunity, every person, every event, every venue. Self Care is saying NO and sticking by your answer.

8. And last but not least SELF Care. Taking good care of yourself, your mental and emotional health, taking time off, withdrawing, spending time alone, saying no, pampering, eating alone, working on your dreams and goals, pursuing your passions and desires. Taking care of yourself, so you can be available for others.


STOP and recognize your need for Change

It is important to STOP, be self aware and recognize your need for rescue!

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