April 17, 2024

Behind the name

Expecting mothers, are carefully considering baby names, to name their precious babies. choosing a name for your baby can be difficult, or exciting. I remember flipping through magazines, scrolling through internet to find the perfect name, for my babies. The names will stay, with the child, for the remainder of their lives, and I’ve got to find the perfect name to fit my child.

Women in the bible named their children after their situations, or based their children’s names, on the experience of their lives.

I’ve always been fascinated with names, especially the one’s with deeper meanings.

I was named
YELENA, on accident

My dad told me he named me Lena after the two girls they knew.

Lena and Tanya

The husbands named their daughters after two girl friends, because they were inspired by their friendship. We were only 6 months appart. My dad’s friend named his Tanya, and I was named Lena.

But was it on ACCIDENT, or ON PURPOSE?

Years ago I find out my meaning – A torch carrier. I thought that was pretty cool, but I had no idea, how much of an impact this name would have on me.

You are not named by accident, your name was picked out, to fit YOU.

So what does YELENA mean?

According to the sources, ebabynames.com Yelena is a russian varient of the Greek name, Helena, which means ” light” or a “torch”.


A light represents a source of energy, and the torch is meant to be carried to light the way.

I always felt unique, I never felt the need to copy anyone else’s style, or personality, I was content with who I was. Though I was a bit weird, to others I didn’t quite fit in with other kids, I always stood out, never followed anyone. My mindset was too deep for words. I always saw life through different set of eyes. I spend time with older folks on the street, and was quite a butterfly when it came to socializing. I always knew I was different, just didn’t realize how different. When I began my journey, something inside of me IGNITED. I knew there was more to life than bills, fun, and pleasure. I also knew I was a piece that fits some type of puzzle to some type of picture.

One evening, as I was sitting comfortably on my couch, reminiscent about my day. when I heard


Firestarter? The youth at my church goes by that name, what about it?

No, not the youth, you have always been a FIRESTARTER. Everyone you ever talk to, since you were a little girl, ignited with desire. You are the match, that lights up the FIRe from within. You are the match, that ignites FIRES. Once the soul is ignited, it starts burning brighter.

I couldn’t quite understand it at a time, I had a lot of growing to do, and journeys to discover, but I embraced my identity that day.

Years later I am still igniting desirez, passion, pursuit, from within.

My mission is to IGNITE fires, from within, as many as the Lord calls.

Do you know your Identity? Do you know who you are?

Simply ask, God who am I? WHAT am I here for? Then listen