April 17, 2024

Testimony of Jesus

The Gospel of Mark is set up of  16 chapters painting a different perspective of the gospel STORY, all telling an account of Jesus, revealing his miraculous powers, and wonders, from one chapter to the next

Who wrote the BOOK of MARK ?

The Author?

Several early church fathers claim that the “Gospel of Mark was written by a man named John Mark—a companion of both Paul and Peter.” 

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For WHO?

Anyone desiring to know an in-depth STORY of JESUS; recollection of Stories, miracles, signs and wonders. 



he Gospel of Mark is set up of  16 chapters painting a unique perspective of the gospel STORY, all telling an account of Jesus, revealing his miraculous powers, and wonders, from one chapter to the next. Starting with John the Baptist, Mark reiterates the details of Jesus and HIS Testimony.

In His ministry Jesus healed, delivered, and set people free. John Mark being led by the spirit of God, recorded those moments, and made it available to us. We will be studying these chapters up close, and personal. Why? Because we as followers of Jesus need to know HIS STORY, to believe in him, and to be called his disciples, so we in turn can become HIS disciples.

Starting with the Kingdom Message, to John the Baptist, performing varies miracles, signs, and wonders, to Great Commission, crucifixion and much more. A 2 week long study on the chapters, with study Guide SOON TO be available, BE ON THE LOOKOUT !

Here are the Chapters for your delight. I had recorded the study for those on the GO, via PODCAST FIRESTARTER-IGNITE available on many different platforms, to share it with my audience, as well as my blog viewers. Join the study ROOM SWORD STUDY DELIGHT  for further discussion and insight

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