START where you are!

Don't overcomplicate it, don't overtink it, just START

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PSALMS, Matthew, Proverbs are some of my favorite BOOKS to start

It doesn't matter where you START what's important is that you stay consistent with itm and you finish to the very END. If you STARTED the book of GENESIS, stay there, read, meditate, one chapter at a time, THEN go to the NEXT one. If you don't understand something go to your pastor, leader or mentor and seek for interpretation. They are there to GUIDE you until you can yourself.

You will get to your destination in time! It's not about competion or a race, it's about learning, being self aware, then applying and living it.

I started with a book of PROVERBS and it became one of my favorite BOOKS in the BIBLE to read, I cannot put this BOOK down. There are so many Treasures within!

Invite the Holy Spirit to TEACH, GUIDE, and LISTEN

It is Him and him alone that teaches all things. People are SEND to guide us, but when we are mature enough we must pick up the spoon and feed ourselves with it.

Here is the prayer that I pray before I read my scriptures

Use the S.O.A.P Guide when you are reading through!

Ignite & Empower

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