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For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.
Hebrews 4:12
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I used to do it too, jump into scripture and 15 minutes later, bored, confused, tired...

I was not serious, nor commited to my GOALs of studying God's WORD, I would speed through it, repeat it, check off the box, just to say I read my BIBLE...
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It is very important that we get serious about STUDYING God’s WORD

  1. The enemy is on the prowl, seeking out his next victim 
  2. Don’t just follow the masses, read the BIBLE for yourself
  3. You MUST arm yourself for BATTLE, BY sharpening your SWORD.

When I say SWORD I am speaking about GOD’S WORD, The WORD OF GOD is POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE Hebrews 4:12

PSALMS, Matthew, Proverbs are some of my favorite BOOKS to start

I need him to Guide me, teach me, lead me. Invite the Holy Spirit to guide, teach, and lead.

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Before we read the Word of God, it is important that we usher in the presence of God, through worship, and praise.

Humility & Surrender

Invite the Holy Spirit to TEACH, GUIDE, and LISTEN

It is Him and him alone that teaches all things. People are SEND to guide us, but when we are mature enough we must pick up the spoon and feed ourselves with it.

Lay all of your troubles down, burdens and heavy loads, at the foot of the CROSS, and step into his presence.


Invite the Holy Spirit in to TEACH, Guide, and LEAD through PRAYER

Here is the prayer that I pray before I read my scriptures

Our father who is in Heaven, praise your Holy name. Thank you for the power that works perfectly through us, and in us, that is available to us, at the mension of your name. Come and inhabit the praises of your people. Send your Holy Spirit in the midst as we study your Word your truth. Reveal your plan for our lives, what is your will and purpose in my life? Open my eyes that I may see beyond what I see, and hear beyond what I hear, as I open my heart to you, soften my heart to receive your word, your truth, your knowledge, your wisdom. Remove pre-conceived ideas, notions, and beliefs, taught knowledge that is lofty and faulty, and stream purely from above. Teach me, instruct me, correct me, guide me, in the way I should go. In the powerful name of Jesus I pray, AMEN!

Use the S.O.A.P Guide when you are reading through!

You will get to your destination in time! It's not about competion or a race, it's about learning, being self aware, then applying and living it.

Ignite & Empower

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