Mind Reset | Day 5


I know it’s a bit lengthy, but stay with me…

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Jesus had a plan. He had the word. Every temptation the devil threw at him, he quoted scripture back at him. We have this same weapon. God gave us his word in the Bible for use at these times. The word is powerful and full of truth. Truly, it is a wicked weapon against the prince of lies.

Like most weapons, it has to be prepared before the battle. If you wait until the bullets start flying around your head, it is a little too late to go looking for your rifle. As scripture has been suggested so many times before to combat our thoughts, I will reiterate it again here. If we keep our mind on God and his word, the thoughts that lead us astray will come fewer and farther between.

But, when they do come, and inevitably as long as we are in this world they will, you will be prepared. You will have studied the word and put it in your heart. Your weapon loaded and ready, you will have the courage and strength to tell the devil, “Away from me, Satan!

Those old lies the devil always tells you. You know the ones…. You will never be good enough…. God doesn’t love you. You can defeat them all by reminding the devil how you are a child of God and greatly loved. The word will tell you everything you need, but don’t wait until the last minute to look for it. Get into the Bible and study / learn the word. Load those magazines and sharpen that sword before you need it.

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