Write A Hand-Written Letter


Have you ever written a letter to yourself before? 😁

Yeah, a hand-written letter with paper and pen?

Sounds silly?

Well, I did recently.

And I will tell you why…

A few days ago, I was supposed to get busy studying but for no just reason, I was distracted by social media.

Checking this and replying to that…

By the end of the 3 hours I mapped out, I couldn’t boast of 1 hour of active study.

I was so upset with myself.

You know that guilt that follows overindulgence? Right?

Then an idea came to my mind…

How about writing a letter to myself, promising never to do that again?

That sounded weird but cool,

So I tried it.

I got a sheet of paper and began the letter writing.

When I was done, I read it.

But I made sure I hid it in one of my notes so my husband doesn’t get to see it.

Make him no think say him wife don dey… 😆 

You get it?

Long story short,

The next day came when I had to study again,

I was distracted still…

Letter writer, but you said you won’t do that again?


Then I remembered how patient and merciful God is.

How many times I have told him I won’t do something again only to go back?

Uncountable times.


Then today,

As I sat in my study, I remember the letter and I promised to exercise some discipline.

I did 😁

Even though those tempting thoughts to check social media came.

I waved them off like the repentant prodigal son.

And that was how I could concentrate all through.

I was proud of myself 😁

Moral lesson?

Next you mess up, write yourself a letter, never to do that again.

Then follow it up with discipline.

Even if you fail to keep your promise at first (which is likely to be the case), don’t give up on yourself.

Forgive yourself and try again. Believe in yourself to keep through.

All things being equal, when you finally break through, you will smile and be proud of yourself, like I was 😁

It works.

Have you ever written a letter to yourself before? Kindly share your experience.

©️ EbereLiz

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