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for the Soul & Spirit

A Collection of Delights for the Soul and Spirit from my Table to yours to ignite and empower GREATNESS from within

ignite with fire from within

Ventured out to write a book about my life, and sharing my thoughts, ended up picking up my calling, and stepping into Destiny

Discover your treasure, feed your spirit, enlighten your soul, and be encouraged through my reads 

What's on your heart & mind ?

Many are making resolutions in the NEW YEAR, but few weeks down the road they are placing those resolutions on the back burner.


Because it's not the plan or decition to START that will give you results, but the ACTION behind it.

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It doesn’t matter where you START what’s important is that you stay consistent with it and you finish to the very END. If you STARTED the book of GENESIS, stay there, read, meditate, one chapter at a time, THEN go to the NEXT one. If you don’t understand something go to your pastor, leader or mentor and seek for interpretation. They are there to GUIDE you until you can read through the bible yourself.


I started with a book of PROVERBS and it became one of my favorite BOOKS in the BIBLE to read, I cannot put this BOOK down. There are so much Treasures within!

PSALMS, Matthew, Proverbs are some of the recommended books to START, HERE are my favorites.

You will get to your destination in time! It's not about competion or a race, it's about learning, being self aware, then applying and living it.

Ignite & Empower

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