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Where hearts ignite with purpose and vision for a higher Calling to pursue Destiny and step into Purpose. 

Driven to Pursue

Welcome to my Blog Site! 

Where hearts ignite with purpose and vision for a higher Calling to pursue Destiny and step into Purpose.

Hello, I’m Lena, a passionate mentor, coach, and writer dedicated to helping others “discover their spark and fan it into a flame.” 

I’m driven by a dream that has awakened my passion and pursuit of my purpose and calling. 

With a heart for empowering others, I share inspiring stories, practical tips, and personal insights to fuel your journey; integrating faith, purpose, and growth, into my writing. My goal is to empower others to embrace their unique purpose and destiny, igniting desires, visions, and pursuits from deep within. 

This fire cannot be quenched, and I invite you to join me on this journey. 

When I’m not mentoring or coaching, you can find me whipping up a storm in the kitchen, hanging out with my girls, or deepening my faith. I believe in embracing life’s ups and downs with grace, humor, and a willingness to learn. Join me on this adventure as we explore topics like personal growth, faith, and family. Let’s connect, grow, and inspire each other to become our best selves!

 My hope is that you find my space comforting, encouraging, and inviting to help you grow and develop in yours.  


To create a sacred space of like-minded individuals who support, uplift and motivate eavch other to live a life of purpose, passion and service, and to be a leading online resourse for inspiration, guidence, and connection. 


To inspire and empower individuals to ignite  purpose, nurture families, deepen and strenghten faith, through storytelling,  and heartfelt encouragement and delight. 

From Mothering to Mentoring, to Coaching individuals around the globe, I am humbled and honored to be entrusted with this privilege. My passions include sharing my faith, empowering others to thrive and succeed, and nurturing my loves for ministry, family, gardening, reading, and writing devotionals. On my site, you'll find inspiring articles and studies designed to: - Inspire and motivate your day - Feed your spirit and lift your mood - Help you discover purpose and direction I'm also seeking passionate writers to feature and promote on my platform. If you're interested, please contact me for more information.
Lena Joseph
Site Owner, Creator & Builder

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Inspiring Articles & Blogs: Uplifting stories, practical tips, and personal insights to fuel your journey.

Devotionals: Encouraging words to feed your spirit and nurture your faith.

Studies: In-depth explorations of topics like personal growth, ministry, and family.

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Gardening & Wellness: Insights on cultivating a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

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Gather at TABLE of Delights, where a feast of inspiration, awaits! Savor the flavors of spiritual growth and transformation through BLOGS, Podcasts, Studies, Devotional Readings, Mentorship, and more . Our mission is to empower and guide individuals on their journey of self discovery, spiritual transformation, and purpose driven life, helping unlock full potential, to shine your individual light. 

From My Heart to Yours...

I share my thoughts, passions, and inspirations, driven by my love for God, family, personal growth, purpose, and ministry. I’ve woven together my roles as a mom, mentor, and writer to create a sacred space here at my table. I hope you find it a helpful and inspirational refuge for your daily life and spiritual journey. Join me as I share my journey from various facets of life, through blogs, studies, and more. My desire is to ignite a fire within you, empowering you to live a purpose-driven life.

Let’s connect, grow, and flourish together!

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