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Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.
2 Timothy 2:15



Prayer to pray before the STUDY, invite the HOLY Spirit in to help interpret scripture and lead you… here 

A method of STUDY organized to STUDT the BIBLE.. here 

Don’t know where to START? How about… here

Bible Study TIPS can be found here

Sword Study Delight goes deep into the TOPICS through STUDY, deep devotion, prayer & and research. The Word of God is a source of great inspiration and wisdom. When we delve into its teachings, we unlock a world of understanding and enlightenment like never before. 

I am excited about the opportunity to share my biblical studies on a variety of topics and from different books with others. Whether it’s through blogging, personal study, or podcast, I am passionate about helping others deepen their understanding of the Bible.

With biblical insight, reflection, and in depth approach we can explore the scriptures together and discover their true meaning and significance. Join me, and other faciliators, who are passionate about GOD’S WORD, and let’s experience the transformative power of its message together, each and every DAY.

Dedicated to helping people grow and succeed

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" I love to instill the principles and values of the KINGDOM into young hearts and minds of the NEXT generation, AND learning to apply those principles AND values to my own life, and daily journey. I am a "forever STUDENT" at heart."

Three years ago Winter of 2020 in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, when everyone was locked in, I decided to take a challange to stay more connected to God, STARTING with my family first. We would STUDY God’s work together, and then discuss what we have learned, and how we can apply what we have learned to our jouney. It was then that my passion for sharing and teaching God’s word with others was ignited.

Through my roles as aSunday School teacher of nearly 4 years and Podcaster, I have found joy in encouraging both children and adults alike to dive into God’s Word, and discover the incredible truths & treasures within.

I am reminded that our journeys begin with a single step, and while the road may not always be easy, it is through perseverance that we find true purpose and strenght to keep going. I encourage you today to take the first step towards your own journey, and unlock the limitless potential within you to STUDY GOD’S Word with the help of the resources that I have made available. I am a newby, but very much passionate and excited about the journey of sharing those writings with you. Not only my work, but other aspiring authors and writers as well. Remember, with faith and dedication, anything is possible! I also invite you to SWORD STUDY COMMUNITY where I share varies studies, updates and discussions.

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➡️ To equip members with necessary toolset, and armor to fight the enemy, through the authority of God, DEMONSTATION, and POWER of GOD.

➡️ To encourage, as well as inspire believers, to correctly divide the scriptures, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, Devotion, Prayer, and Application of scripture.

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➡️ To HAVE a sense of COMMUNITY of SUPPORT and ENCOURAGE on this JOURNEY through discussion, DEVOTIONAL read, and sharing of GOD'S WORD.


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On Sundays I am a TEACHER to my Sunday SCHOOL kids, MOM and Podcaster, who’s passionate about sharing my  STUDIES and knowledge of Scripture. The rest of the WEEK I am simply a STUDENT ready to learn and apply what I’ve learned to my journey. I am a PRAYER Warrior and Intercessor on STAND ready to Protect, and Defend. I love to instill the principles and values of the KINGDOM into young hearts and minds of the NEXT generation of KIDS, AND learning to apply those principles AND values to my own life, and daily journey.

Faciliators teaching the STUDIES presented 
Lena, the founder knows what it is like to live in ignorance of scripture, without FULL armor on, following anyone who sounds good, mislead by the enemy, and is passionate about the cause, and equipping WARRIORS for battle ahead. 
Tera Brown co-founder also is passionate about the Bible, filled with righteous indignation to STAND against the enemy, and the importance of spiritual armor!
Anna my sister Warrior is passionate about God’s word, and teaching of principles and Values of Kingdom as well as the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. 
The mission of the studies is to FULLY equip people of all walks with necessary toolset for battle ahead. This BATTLE is not for the SWIFT, and we better get dressed, and fully ARM ourselves.

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