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The mission of the Sword Study is to FULLY equip individuals of all walks with necessary toolset for spiritual walk, journey, and battles ahead. This BATTLE is not for the SWIFT, and we better get dressed, and fully ARM ourselves.


Sword Study Delight goes deep into the TOPICS through Study- Application-Prayer. The Word of God is a source of great inspiration and wisdom given to BELIEVERS to “correctly handle the word of truth”  1 Timothy 2:15 

This verse emphasizes the importance of studying the Word of God and interpreting it correctly.

Lena the founder knows the importance and value of a sharpened SWORD, as well as properly fit ARMOR of GOD. God refers to his WORD as a SWORD of the spirit Hebrews 4:12, and the ARMOR as a tool to fight against the enemy Ephesians 6:10-19 who is seeking to devour an innocent victim 1 Peter 5:8

Podcast ON the Move

Faith Based | Purpose Driven Podcast on the GO for easier access, delight & convenience. Here you will find varies Episodes on different topics and subjects to help equip and offer Study Resources integrated into a BLOG-STUDY

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Where to Start

Don’t know where to START in the BIBLE? How about… here

Sword Prayer

DO YOU pray before you study ? Invite the HOLY Spirit in to help interpret scripture and lead you… here 


SOAP is a simple study method for reading and applying God’s word to our lives… here

Study Tips

Bible Study TIPS can be found here

My Story

 With biblical insight, reflection, and in depth approach we can explore the scriptures together and discover their true meaning and significance.

 Through my roles as a Sunday School teacher and Podcaster of four years, I have found joy and delight in encouraging both children, and adults alike to dive into God’s Word, and discover the incredible truths & treasures within.

I am excited about the opportunity to share biblical studies on a variety of topics and from different books with others. Whether it’s through blogging, personal study, or podcast, I am passionate about helping others deepen their understanding of the Bible, and to sharpen knowledge of scripture. 

I am reminded that our journeys begin with a single step, and while the road may not always be easy, it is through perseverance that we find true purpose and strenght to keep going, until we reach our point of DESTINATION and SUCCESS. 

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