Proverbs 2 | Wisdom & Instruction

For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.
Proverbs 2:6
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Book of Proverbs

The Book of Proverbs was written by Solomon, son of David, King of Israel, the wisest man that ever lived, he was wealthy and rich. He owned vineyards, fields, cows and anything you can think of. Solomon wrote the book of Proverbs. This book is filled with wise insights, wisdom, knowledge, experience. Solomon shares the good, bad and the ugly, and leaves it up to the reader to apply knowledge for good and honest living. 

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is having the ability to know and understand what is right, true, or lasting.

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Solomon the wisest, and richest man, asks God for Wisdom

You can have knowledge, you can have information on the subject, but if you don’t have understanding, and insight into the situation, and how to go about it, knowledge is just that, information.

Without the PLUG ( POWER) of the HOLY SPIRIT, knowledge is useless. We have people walking around with heads full of knowledge, still making foolish mistakes, and getting into trouble. 

If we ask GOD for WISDOM, he is Faithful and just to forgive us, and supply all that we need. 

Derived from my Journey of Life featuring Studies, Encouragement, and Spiritual Delight. I share what’s on my heart, and mind, via Podcast Delight integrated into the BLOG and hope to offer insight, hope, and faith in the midst of DAILY battles of life, to those listening, and passing by.
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The PURPOSE of Wisdom

To teach whoever is willing; understanding, and discipline

Who is it for?

the simpleminded to be clever and gain common sense 

young people– to find purpose and meaning 

wise – increase in knowledge and understanding

knowledgeable – to increase in guidance and direction, discernment and insight.

The fear of God is the START or beginning of heavenly wisdom.

Reverence and respect to higher authority, GOD

Instructions in discipline, good conduct, doing what is right, just, and fair.

Benefits of Wisdom





Wisdom will save you from the ways of the wicked men

Wisdom will also save you from adulterous woman, the wayward woman with her seductive words. 

To get wisdom, one must seek the Lord, for it, for he is the giver of wisdom. He alone, and he alone supplies the proportions of wisdom, and everything that comes with it.

So let’s seek for wisdom as we would for treasure!