for the Soul and Spirit

Every great Vision starts with a Spark, discover yours through my site!

A Collection of Spiritual Delights for the Soul and Spirit to ignite FIRE ( Desire, passion, pursuit) from within, empower lives and TRANSFORM hearts. Discover  treasures, nourish and feed your spirit through my reads. I love to encourage others on this journey of life, inspire minds to Dream BIG, walk by Faith, and not by sight.

A Collection of Delights from my personal TABLE to yours


We exist to help empower and ignite purposefully driven lives through the products we SELL. Proceeds will go towards ministry and business expenses as well as building DREAMS!



A Collection of Delights from my personal TABLE to yours

Founded in 2018 with a vision to share Spiritual Delights in a form of BLOG, podcast, and Study, to ignite hearts  with HOPE and FAITH 

GEM Meal Delight

PARTNERED with GEM Outreach to share a profound WORD for Daily Encouragement and Delight 

Designed to grow believers as well as feed, the Soul and Spirit. 

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Wise Sayings and spiritual insights on the book of Proverbs- the BOOK of Wisdom and Delight. I share my thoughts and heart on the topic at hand. I hope you find my site encouraging, and inspiring on this daily journey, and walk of life. I’ve compiled my works from different seasons of my life, ENJOY!! 



The book of Psalms is my everyday go to. Here I am sharing a collection of my favorite Psalms. I hope you enjoy them, as much as I do. His word is my Delight!



A Collection of Prayers from the BOOK of PSALMS and personal Prayers, derived from my journey and those connected to me. Pray accordingly!

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About Me

Site Manager & Founder 2018

Venturing out on my journey to find Destiny, I found much more than I imagined. I found my passion and calling. After much soul searching, I have discovered my Purpose and are driven by my Calling. I help individuals towards desired vision, and purpose for SUCCESS!

Est 2018

I am passionate about studying the bible, sharing my story, and helping individuals find their path of success, as well as purpose in life.

I've compiled works from different seasons of my life, ENJOY!!


My Services

I am a spiritual mentor that has worked closely with many to discover individual identity, and calling in life.

I base my results on the principles of faith and seek spiritual solutions to make progress in those areas. One of the most defining gifts, and abilities is to help establish groups and communities of Faith, Growth, and Development.

I teach and offer in depth studies to help better understand the Bible, as well as apply those principles and values to one's life.  I also administer a FB Community of those same individuals walking confidently in their purpose, in pursuit of their calling, changing, and impacting lives. You can join us, and grow with us. 





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Motivation & Empowernment


Together with my family, I live to glorify God in all my doing, train up my girls, in the ways of the LORD, and pursue my Calling.

Free from bondage, as well as spiritual ignorance, I have set out on the mission to equip those lacking in the areas of Prayer, God’s Word, and Spiritual Battle/Warfare. I devote my time and energy, to studying God’s Word, follow my CALLING, as well as move in my GIFT and Purpose, writing studies/devotions, and sharing my story. 

You can find anything, from my personal prayers to favorite scriptures, stories, thoughts about certain spiritual matters, difficult moments in life, issues in my spiritual walk, and journey, family treasures, relationship advice, marital concerns, fashion and so much more.

My mission is to guide, direct, and assist individuals through varies methods, and techniques, towards a more focused plan, and direction. I help build and establish prayer, study, and communities of faith. I am currently administering and leading study, as well as support groups, to implement growth, and development, in the areas requested.

I love to see people walking in the full purpose of their calling, and successfully navigating through this journey of life. 

I have used Social Media platforms to spread the Gospel, as well as minister, motivate and encourage people in my circle of influence. I teach kindergarten and first graders at a local church community, through instilling the word of God, as well as teach Godly principles and values to the children assigned to me.

Walking away, I am hoping you are ignited, and inspired to keep pushing on your journey, to attain your desired GOAL pursuing your purpose, to reach your Destiny.



"Everything around me began to crumble down, I decided to take my life, then I came in contact with Firestarter IGNITE, and things turned around for me. Mrs. Lena Joseph transformed my life for the better. She has inspired my heart to breathe again, and I decided to give GOD a chance."


"Firestarter Ignite has helped me grow, in my walk with Christ, and has helped me to stand, steadfast in my Faith. As a warrior Lena encourages believers to pick up their daily sword, and fight the darkness."


“In tough times it was the only thing that got me through. Highly recommended! Lena is always there when you need her.


“For she has been equipped to help and ignite with holy spirit fire like wildfire all the dormant parts that the Lord would have you have activated, to use it for His Ultimate Glory!!"


“GOD has really equipped this mighty WOG in faith, in knowledge, and in power. Let’s just say she is a GEM to the kingdom and you will truly understand that GOD has called her for this"


“Lena, the mentor has walked with me through the darkest times of my life. When no one else cared to be there, she took me under her wings, and helped me discover my identity, and find my purpose !"


“I was one of her first students. Lena took me in and showed me much about the spirit realm, made insight and strategy available that I would have not known."


"Lena is a woman who loves The Lord fiercely. She is an Intercessor, and a Kingdom builder. She is very much a Fire Starter."


"Through Firestarter Ignite you start something new as led and directed by the spirit. You step into your calling, you get involved, you connect, and you grow, excel, join in, and you move forward. Sister Lena Joseph did a great job creating the group. As a Fire-Starter herself, she did an amazing job getting others involved, loving the Lord, encouraging us daily, and allowing the Holy Spirit to fan into flame those gifts. So lit the fire, and keep the fire burning!"