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Faith Based & Integrated Site of Delight to ignite FIRE from within, empower lives and TRANSFORM hearts. Discover treasures, nourish and feed your spirit through my Site

Armor of God

Just as it is important to wear clothes, to protect ourselves from varies forms of weather, so it is important to wear protective gear spiritually. 


Podcast on the Go, derived from my Journey of Life featuring Studies, Encouragement, and Spiritual Delight. I share what’s on my heart, and mind, via Podcast Delight and hope to offer insight, hope, and faith in the midst of DAILY battles of life, to those listening, and passing by.

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Psalm 139 | Examination

📣 Psalm of David, reflecting on intimate moments with God! 📲 Tune in, learn, apply.

Psalm 91 | Protection

Prayer of Refuge 🙌🏻 One of my favorite Psalms to speak Protection and Seek for Refuge. 📲 Tune in, learn, apply

Psalm 51 | Cleansing

📣 Psalm of Cleansing 📣 Pray this prayer when in need of spiritual cleansing. 📲 Tune in, learn, apply!

Proverbs 1

The Purpose of Proverbs. Who is it for, and wisdoms rebuke. What happens when you choose to disregard wisdom. 📲 Tune in, learn, apply!

May your Faith always exceed your fears, no price is too great to go through life afraid. Dream BIG we walk by Faith not by Sight

Driven to Pursue


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A Collection of Blogs from my personal TABLE to yours

My Thoughts & Heart

This is my corner! I share what’s on my heart, my passions, and my pursuits. This is my way to freely express myself as a writer, believer, and a truth seeker. I love blogging, especially when it comes down to spiritual things, and sharing my personal stories via biblical insight.

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Testimonies of God’s goodness and GRACE " FROM DARKNESS, into GOD'S Marvelous Light"

Out Of Body Experience

by Daniel Okorie


Special Recipe, tips and tricks from my Kitchen to yours


A WORD from the THRONE OF GRACE by different AUTHORS moved and inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT as a WORD of REVELATION, Insight, Wisdom for COMFORT, EDIFICATION, AND WARNING.


by Joe Mc Roy

A Message for Men

by Joe McRoy


Blogs on Varies TOPICS and Subjects

Meet the Founder

EST 2018

My mission has been to encourage others on this journey of life, inspire minds to Dream BIG, walk by Faith, and not by Sight. 

This opportunity teaches me so much about giving back, compassion, humility and hard work. Along with my daughter I teach Sunday School, at a local Community Church, instilling the Word of God into young hearts and minds. Sunday school has played such an important role in my life, and have influenced my life in so many ways. I absolutely love giving back and serving my community.

Ministering allows me to reach out and make a difference in this world, and in the lives surrounding me. You will often find me putting together Devotionals to Encourage and inspire the SOUL, and feed the Spirit.

Discovering Ministry has led me to step into my purpose, PURSUE my Calling, and STEP into DESTINY!  I love to share the WORD of God with my surrounding audience, and learn in the secret place with GOD. I love to Study GOD’S WORD, Write Devotionals, create, build and establish Kingdom!s Kingdom 

Lena Joseph

Meet Lena, the Founder of Firestarter-Ignite EST 2018 with a desire to serve, blog, and share with others.

Warrior-Mentor-MOM ! Blogger with a passion for ministry work, and Entrepreneur World.

I am a Teacher, Warrior and Mentor, but my most fulfilling job is to be a MOTHER, and KINGDOM Ambassador, instilling principles and values of the KINGDOM into my daughters, as well as train and equip Warriors for Battle. I have led a Bible Study Group where I passionately pursued my passion in sharing God’s Word, equipping soldiers for battle, through sharpening of Sword, and putting on an Armor, as well as sharing insight, and tips from the Study. 

Venturing out on my journey to find Destiny, I found much more than I imagined. I found my Passion for Serving and Individual Calling.When I'm not busy in my groups, mothering, or taking care of my home, hubby and my babies I write and put together Devotions on my site, as a Resource to those I'm called to. I absolutely love sharing my heart and mind on things that matter to me! I am a MENTOR, I help individuals navigate towards desired vision, and purpose for Success!

My Dream

What Others Say

Grace V

“Firestarter Ignite has helped me grow, in my walk with Christ, and has helped me to stand, steadfast in my Faith. As a warrior Lena encourages believers to pick up their daily sword, and fight the darkness.”


” Lena Joseph did a great job creating the group. As a Fire-Starter herself, she did an amazing job getting others involved, loving the Lord, encouraging us daily, and allowing the Holy Spirit to fan into flame those gifts. So lit the fire, and keep the fire burning!”

- Daniel Okorie
Selah Daniel

“Everything around me began to crumble down, I decided to take my life, then I came in contact with Firestarter IGNITE, and things turned around for me. Mrs. Lena Joseph transformed my life for the better. She has inspired my heart to breathe again, and I decided to give GOD a chance.”

Rhina L

“For she has been equipped to help and ignite with holy spirit fire like wildfire all the dormant parts that the Lord would have you have activated, to use it for His Ultimate Glory!!”

Andriette W

“GOD has really equipped this mighty WOG in faith, in knowledge, and in power. Let’s just say she is a GEM to the kingdom and you will truly understand that GOD has called her for this”

Philip R

“In tough times it was the only thing that got me through. Highly recommended! Lena is always there when you need her.


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