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A Collection of Spiritual Delights for the Soul and Spirit from my Table to yours to ignite and empower GREATNESS from within. Discover your treasure, and feed your spirit, through my reads 

 Every great VISION starts with a SPARK, allow me to ignite yours!

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I hope your WEEK is to a good START! Everyday is an opportunity, a chance to get things right! 

Psalms & Proverbs are added to the TABLE

 BLOG of the Week  “ Respect is to be reciprocated 

My newfound PODCAST was LAUCHED – Feb 20th, 2024 


 Your current circumstance does not dictate the quality of your future. In one day, God can take a person from the back, and sit him at the front TABLE. Nothing is impossible with our GOD!” Lena Joseph

  1. Pray for the sick and recovering, I know so many people that are hurting right now, and are in need of prayer. Isaiah 53:5
  2. Pray for marriages and couples; many are experiencing troubles, and are undergoing trials, God is faithful to bring marriages through every fire and trial. God works all things out for his good. Hebrews 13:4
  3. Pray for Husbands for their Integrity & Character, a lot is placed on our men’s shoulders. Isaiah 26:3
  4. For Peace to reign in homes and families. Mark 3:23

Father, you are above time. You know what will happen today before it happens. You are the creator and ruler of all.

Steady my heart as I make mental to-do lists and plan for the day ahead. Direct my steps. Give me a desire to follow your ways and accomplish your will. Prompt me to speak only words filled with grace and compassion. Help me to be an example of your kingdom and love others as you have loved me.

Thank you for your mercies that are new every morning. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.*

*Prayer adapted from Start with Prayer: 250 Prayers for Hope and Strength

I create inspirational content, created over the years, shared by different writers and authors, told varies stories, devotionals, biblical quotes, studies, and more. I am so excited that you have joined this VIBRAND COMMUNITY, and will be among the FIRST to receive any updates on the PAGE, and in general.

Peace be Still ! 

-Lena J 


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My BLOG is packed with articles, quotes, and writings that will nourish, and ignite the fire from within. Whether you're browsing for tips to overcome procrastination, seeking leadership advice, parenting tips, recipes, or in need of a dose of uplifting messages, MY BLOG has it!
I hope you like my CORNER and find it helpful, and inspirational for daily life, and spiritual journey. As a MOM, Mentor, and Warrior I am here to share my Journey from different seasons of life, via blogs, studies, and so much more.
I am also looking for passionate writers to feature and promote on my Site, contact me for more information.
Lena J
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Whether it's personal advice, leadership guidence, or ministry assistance, I am here to HELP. As a Breakthrough Coach and Mentor I am skilled in the area, looking for people, desiring CHANGE, embarking towards the JOURNEY of Purpose and Success. With my attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and dedication, I guarantee that you will receive exceptional service and high-quality work from me.
Lena J
Mentor and Breakthrough Coach with 7+ years of Experience & Life Coaching Certificate
Sword Study Delight goes deep into the TOPICS through STUDY, deep devotion, prayer & and research, theological as well as spirit led. The Word of God is a source of great inspiration and wisdom given to BELIEVERS as a GUIDE to follow. When we follow God’s Principles and Teachings, we unlock a world of understanding and insight like never before, and as a result walk into FREEDOM of GOD’S TEACHING, Truth and HIS WORD.
Lena J
Teacher and Podcaster of 4 years




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