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I am pleased to offer you a PROGRAM that I have been working on to better assist those I am currently serving and will serve in the future. My program offers a wide variety of FEATURES and Resources NOT available anywhere else! Ignite Mentorship program provides you with access to a supportive community that is private, confidential and offers assistance in the areas requested. If you sign up for the program, you won't be disappointed! I will also provide you with complimentary couching calls, and available sessions, helpful messages of encouragement every day, and an overall environment that will motivate you to develop a more positive outlook of yourself, and anything you set your mind to. There's a lot more to my program than meets the eye, so please consider joining my TEAM today and experiencing the numerous benefits for yourself.


Why Choose Ignite Mentorship

ūüéĮ Goal-Oriented & Purpose Driven

Focused on achieving specific goals through motivation & empowernemnt, tackling areas of struggle, drawing the group to a more focused plan, and direction, providing Tools and Resources to combat those areas, to attain individual progress, and success.

Self Paced & Accessible

You can learn at your own time and at your own pace, anywhere, anytime!

SPECIAL Rates & Prices
Community Supported
Personal Sessions & Coaching
Ignite & Empower

Community & Support

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We need people in OUR CORNER¬† to be happy and healthy. When facing life’s difficulties and changes, don’t go through life afraid, unsure, AND alone. Being part of a group, or having close relationships with family, and friends can make a big difference in how we feel, and operate in this world. Being supported by others can make us feel like we belong, validate our feelings, and give us a purpose. It’s important to remember how valuable having a community and receiving support can be.

Join a COMMUNITY of Fighters like yourself for support and encouragement on this JOURNEY of life. 

Ignite & Empower

Daily Motivation & Empowerment

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Quotes and Sayings that ignite and inspire a SOUL to be motivated and empowered daily. Get inspired and motivated every day with uplifting messages catered to empower you & your world. 

Coaching Sessions

Personal Sessions via ZOOM

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I help assist invididuals through Change, towards an individual plan and direction for Purpose & Success!

In today’s digital age, staying connected has never been easier. One of the most popular platforms for virtual meetings is ZOOM, which offers a wonderful variety of¬† features for communication and interaction. With ZOOM, you can easily schedule and hold private meetings from the comfort of your own home or office, and avoid all the unnecessary time and expense of face-to-face meetings. Whether it’s personal advice, leadership or ministry I assist willing individuals in the area of CHANGE, Growth and Transformation. Schedule a ZOOM call today, to see if I am right for you!¬†¬†

Exclussive & Fiery TOPICS

Topics & Discussions

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Topics on varies subjects and conversations that are available only to certain people or groups, and can’t be accessed by everyone else. Purchase a CODE to access these TOPICS at your own time and pace.

Study & BOOKS

Devotionals & GUIDES

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At Ignite Mentorship, I make sure to offer my members a unique experience that is FAITH based and integrated, by¬† providing them with a wide range of devotionals and guides. These materials are specifically designed to help individuals deepen their connection with their faith, and to further their understanding of various aspects of spirituality through teachings, reflections, and discussions.¬† Whether you are looking for daily devotions, scripture readings, prayer guides, or insights, I have a selection of materials available to suit your needs. I understand that each person’s spiritual journey is unique, and therefore I aim to offer a variety of resources that cater to those preferences and choices. With our devotionals, partnered with varies Kingdom individuals, and guides, you can be sure to receive the support and guidance you need to elevate your spiritual life to the next level.

Join #Ignite Mentorship TODAY! Reap the benefits TODAY!

The Program exists to help individuals attain their greatest level of Success, through Group Mentorship, Empowerment, Support, and various Tools and Resources offered in the Group.
I base results on the principles of Faith and seek spiritual solutions to make progress in those areas. One of my most defining gifts, and abilities is to help willing individuals and assist them towards a road of Change. I understand Change is not easy, but is much rewarding in the end. I take time to introduce consepts and establish set goals and routine to develop progress in the areas of struggle, limiting beliefs and setbacks. I do this via private Mentorship Group, personal coaching calls, offering exclusive benefits and services while in the group, and community of support, promoting Growth and Development in the areas requested.
Kingdom Warrior / Mentor / MOM
As a Dedicated, Driven, and Determined Warrior and Mentor, I focus on problematic areas, [hindrances, setbacks, and obstacles] of the mentee, providing, and making resources available to help aid, overcome, promote development and growth in those areas. I schedule ONE on ONE to help understand, as well as discover areas of improvement, then leave it up to the mentee to make progress through the services offered in the group.

Soar on wings like eagles

Transform your heart & mind like never before!

The All New



Never before seen topics and discussions, proven results and success stories, community of support, private and confidential matters, tools & resources to combatt areas of struggle, complimentary coaching calls, daily encouragement, and personal delight, plus so much more.

What people Say

Ignite Mentorship has been a blessing to so many lives, and continues to ignite fires from within. JOIN the TEAM!

We recommend the public to grab a mentorship form, subscribe, adopt and choose Mentor Lena Joseph as their coach. She is a coach filled with wisdom, and always inspired by the Holy Spirit. She is a problem solver! Nobody meets LENA and his or her life is not blessed and transformed."
I was one of her first students. Lena took me in and showed me much about the spirit realm, made insight and strategy available that I would have not known.
Tera b
Lena, the mentor has helped me so much through my struggles as a individual, and a woman of FAITH. Not only has she helped me mentally, but physically she has prayed for me, through my darkest times. She comes along and provides the tools and resources needed to tackle the task. I've learned so much from the program. I am successfully running a prayer group  help orchestrating, and START it. You won't go  wrong with the services. Thank you Lena for all you do!
I learned to really understand scripture! Lena has been a blessing to me in my walk.
Saydar C
For she has been equipped to help and ignite with holy spirit fire like wildfire all the dormant parts that the Lord would have you have activated, to use it for His Ultimate Glory!!
Rhina L
Everything around me began to crumble down, I decided to take my life, then I came in contact with Firestarter IGNITE, and things turned around for me. Mrs. Lena Joseph transformed my life for the better. She has inspired my heart to breathe again, and I decided to give GOD a chance.
Selah Daniel 
GOD has really equipped this mighty WOG in faith, in knowledge, and in power. Let’s just say she is a GEM to the kingdom and you will truly understand that GOD has called her for this
Andriette W
Lena, the mentor has walked with me through the darkest times of my life. When no one else cared to be there, she took me under her wings, and helped me discover my identity, and find my purpose !
Lena Joseph did a great job creating the group. As a Fire-Starter herself, she did an amazing job getting others involved, loving the Lord, encouraging us daily, and allowing the Holy Spirit to fan into flame those gifts. So lit the fire, and keep the fire burning!
Daniel Okorie

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Community of Support

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If you have enjoyed the study, join me in the GROUP to discuss this FIERY TOPIC further...

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As a KINGDOM Builder and Ambassador, I help establish and build Groups, and Communities of FAITH through Personal Coaching and Assistance. Contact me for more information. 

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