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Never before seen topics and discussions, proven results and success stories, a community of support, private and confidential matters, complimentary coaching calls, daily encouragement, and personal delight, plus so much more.

ūüéĮ Goal-Oriented & Purpose Driven

Tackling areas of struggle, draw the group to a more focused plan, and direction, providing Tools and Resources to combat those areas, to attain individual progress, and success.

Anytime. Anywhere

Self Paced Topics and Discussions on the GO, at your own time and convenience, in a Group Based environment, not available anywhere else.

Affordable Rates

We charge a small membership fee to compensate for the time and energy spend into creating this program.

Community Supported

Community of support as well as personal involvement while in the group. Everyone in the group is closely connected and is rooting for your success.


Ignite Mentorship

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TOPICS discussed in the GROUP

Growth & Development

TOPIC & Discussion


TOPICS & Discussion

Leadership +

TOPICS & Discussion

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The Program exists to help individuals attain their greatest level of Success, through Group Mentorship, Support, and various Tools and Resources offered in the Group.


  • Assist¬† INDIVIDUALS towards a desired plan, and direction for Success through awareness, reflective insight, and personal coaching sessions VIA Zoom or PHONE.¬†
    • Provide Tools and Resources to combat problematic areas of struggle, limiting beliefs, offering different¬† perspectives in which changes can be made, breaking through the barriers of struggle, and overcoming obstacles in the way.
    • Provide a Private Community of SUPPORT of¬† people walking alongside on the JOURNEY.¬†
    • Empowering messages to motivate and inspire on DAILY journey of LIFE, Devotional Reading, and Reflective Biblical Verses.¬†
    • Achieve full potential, discover identity, and purpose,¬† set up GOALS and Vision for future at hand.

ūüďĘ We will be going over various topics that hinder us in our growth development, and PROGRESS in life and our Journey.

ūüďĘ We will consecrate, and devote ourselves¬† to attain desired results.

ūüďĘ Challenges, and exercises, to promote Growth and Development in the areas of lack. I am all about Discipline and Spiritual Development.

ūüďĘ Follow Guidelines and join discussions for reflection and personal insight.

I base results on the principles of faith and seek spiritual solutions to make progress in those areas. One of my most defining gifts, and abilities is to help establish groups and communities of Faith, held aid Growth and Development in the areas requested.

Kingdom Warrior / Mentor / MOM
As a Dedicated, Driven, and Determined Warrior and Mentor, I focus on problematic areas, [hindrances, and obstacles] of the mentee, providing, and making resources available to help aid, overcome, promote development and growth in those areas. I schedule ONE on ONE to help understand, as well as discover areas of improvement, then leave it up to the mentee to make progress through the services offered in the group.

New YEAR, New YOU??


Better CHOICES and HABITS, Stronger, WISER and MORE Disciplined YOU!

Don’t wait until NEXT YEAR to get things DONE, better yourself, or keep accountable… STEP into your future TODAY!

INVEST into your future TODAY!

I am holding a Group Mentorship space for those trying to elevate and grow, to reach their desired Success EVERY MONTH for select individuals. My mission is to assist, help aide, and develop growth as well as provide tools and resources through Group Services to combat areas of struggle while on this journey, to achieve full potential and desired goals of success. 

What you do today, will reflect in your tomorrow

My mission is to ignite purpose within, inspire your God given dreams, and visions, as well as empower to pursue passion and dreams. 

Solomon, the wisest man to EVER live asked God to teach him to count his days worthy, and to rule with wisdom Psalm 90:12

 I have a gift of helping people in the area of leadership, and planting study, prayer, or community groups! I have built, established and administered various prayer, study, and communities. I am also skilled in WARFARE and Breakthrough!

Without a sure identity, we cannot successfully complete our mission.


If interested, check out this link, for more information. 

YOU WILL be joining a group of Dreamers, like yourself, Visionaries, who also are in pursuit of their Purpose and Destiny. My Ministry and heart ‚Ě£ Firestarter-Ignite started with 3 people, in 2018¬†and today I have mentored 100’s on a personal basis, working close hand in hand, walking in the gift that God has made available to me. I take time with each person, and dedicate my time and energy into each person that has signed up for my services.¬†

I offer Top Notch Services, catered to the individual’s Plan, FOR Purpose for Success. Sessions are available to personally hit each goal, and target every need.

for JUST 


 2 Sessions up to 40 minutes of One-On One COACHING are included in this. THAT alone is worth the price!  Prices is  subjected to change upon my availability to Mentor and Coach each individual. I OPEN my Availability to FIRST 15 committed individuals EACH month. If  spots are filled up, you will be put on the waiting list, until the spot becomes available. 

It’s my pleasure to serve you, and be connected to you! Together we are Stronger!¬†

Will this be your YEAR? 


What Others are Saying! 

Ignite Mentorship has been a blessing to so many lives, and continues to ignite fires from within


Everything around me began to crumble down, I decided to take my life, then I came in contact with Firestarter IGNITE, and things turned around for me. Mrs. Lena Joseph transformed my life for the better. She has inspired my heart to breathe again, and I decided to give GOD a chance.

РSelah Daniel 


” Lena Joseph did a great job creating the group. As a Fire-Starter herself, she did an amazing job getting others involved, loving the Lord, encouraging us daily, and allowing the Holy Spirit to fan into flame those gifts. So lit the fire, and keep the fire burning!”

– Daniel Okorie

” I learned to really understand scripture! Lena has been a blessing to me in my walk.

-Saydar C


“I was one of her first students. Lena took me in and showed me much about the spirit realm, made insight and strategy available that I would have not known.”

РTera B 


GOD has really equipped this mighty WOG in faith, in knowledge, and in power. Let‚Äôs just say she is a GEM to the kingdom and you will truly understand that GOD has called her for this”

– Andriette W


” Lena, the mentor has helped me so much through my struggles as a individual, and a woman of FAITH. Not only has she helped me mentally, but physically she has prayed for me, through my darkest times. She comes along and provides the tools and resources needed to tackle the task. I’ve learned so much from the program. I am successfully running a prayer group¬† help orchestrating, and START it. You won’t go¬† wrong with the services. Thank you Lena for all you do!”¬†

– Vickie


‚ÄúFor she has been equipped to help and ignite with holy spirit fire like wildfire all the dormant parts that the Lord would have you have activated, to use it for His Ultimate Glory!!”

– Rhina L


“Never the same spiritually! Known and have been mentored by Lena over 5 years now.

Lucia K


” Lena, the mentor has walked with me through the darkest times of my life. When no one else cared to be there, she took me under her wings, and helped me discover my identity, and find my purpose !”



“Greatly Appreciate your leadership!!

– Natalie M Morris

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