" Whether it's personal advice, leadership guidence, or ministry assistance, I am here to HELP. I assist willing individuals NAVIGATING through change and life challenges towards Purpose and Success through Group Mentorship SERVICES and personal coaching Sessions available at your request. "
Lena J
Mentor & Warrior

Useful program, has lots of cool features and resources that you won't find anywhere else, and a supportive community too. Private and confidential community that can help you with whatever you need on your journey of life. Lena the Mentor is here to help you! Whether you're on a spiritual or physical journey, she will support and guide you through life's troubles and challenges, and when you succeed, she'll be right there celebrating and cheering you on! If you sign up, you will get personal coaching calls, messages of encouragement every day, and an environment that will make you feel good about yourself, and support like no other. There's even more to my program than what I've mentioned here, so why not consider joining my team today? You'll see all the benefits for yourself.

We need people in OUR CORNER  to be happy and healthy. When facing life’s difficulties and changes, don’t go through life afraid, unsure, AND alone. Being part of a group, or having close relationships with family, and friends can make a big difference in how we feel, and operate in this world. Being supported by others can make us feel like we belong, validate our feelings, and give us a purpose. It’s important to remember how valuable having a community and receiving support can be.

Join a COMMUNITY of Fighters like yourself for support and encouragement on this JOURNEY of life. 

Why Choose Ignite Mentorship

🎯 Goal-Oriented & Purpose Driven

We want to help you reach your goals by giving you the tools and resources you need. We'll focus on areas where you might be struggling and help motivate and empower you to overcome them. Together, we'll create a plan to keep you on track and headed in the right direction. Our goal is to help you make progress and achieve success as an individual.

Self Paced & Accessible

Embrace the freedom that comes with learning on your own time and pace, and use this opportunity to unlock your full potential. Whether you want to become an expert in your field, learn a new field or explore a topic, the possibilities are truly endless. So go ahead, push your boundaries and embrace the power of knowledge.

Daily Empowernment & Accountability

You have the power to create a beautiful and fulfilling life, filled with purpose and meaning. Let each new experience and challenge be a chance for growth and self-discovery. Ignite Commuity focuses on uplifting messages and a positive mindset, to empower yourself and your world. Believe in your abilities, trust the journey, and never lose faith in all that is possible.

🎯Community Supported

We come together to uplift and encourage each other on journey of life. It is a beautiful feeling to witness people coming together to uplift each other, creating an environment of positivity and growth. By supporting our community, we build a stronger foundation for a better life for everyone.

Personal Sessions & Coaching

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The Program exists to help individuals attain their greatest level of Success, through Group Mentorship, Empowerment, Support, and various Tools and Resources offered in the Group.
I base results on the principles of Faith and seek spiritual solutions to make progress in those areas. One of my most defining gifts, and abilities is to help willing individuals and assist them towards a road of Change. I understand Change is not easy, but is much rewarding in the end. I take time to introduce consepts and establish set goals and routine to develop progress in the areas of struggle, limiting beliefs and setbacks. I do this via private Mentorship Group, personal coaching calls, offering exclusive benefits and services while in the group, and community of support, promoting Growth and Development in the areas requested.
Kingdom Warrior / Mentor / MOM
As a Dedicated, Driven, and Determined Warrior and Mentor, I focus on problematic areas, [hindrances, setbacks, and obstacles] of the mentee, providing, and making resources available to help aid, overcome, promote development and growth in those areas. I schedule ONE on ONE to help understand, as well as discover areas of improvement, then leave it up to the mentee to make progress through the services offered in the group.

Soar on wings like Eagles

Transform your heart & mind like never before!

What People Say

“Helping others learn by giving guidance and support INDIVIDUALS on a journey to Purpose, Destiny & Success.”


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