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They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.
Revalation 12:11

My friend asked Me the other day, what is your Conversion Story? I was confused for a moment, my Conversion story?

It’s your coming to God STORYDaniel Okorie

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I wasn’t at an altar, in the church building, on my knees, or even in my room. I was driving in my car! No music was playing, just me and my thoughts. Seven months pregnant, ready to start a new life, in a new city, in FLORIDA, when a childhood song, in my native language, was gently placed  in my spirit, and heart. I have heard this song before but not like this!

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WIFE, MOM, Warrior of the Lord, juggling everyday life to accomplish my purpose, and divine Destiny. My passion springs from my own experience, and journey. I have been misguided and taken advantage of, abandoned, and rejected, BUT I have also found security and safety in my fathers arms, during those difficult times. When I got out of my pit I promised my father that I would do the same for his people. This is HOW my ministry started. I wanted to help ONE, and GOD led me to ONE, but he had OTHER plans for me. A ministry FIRESTARTER-IGNITE was birthed in the midst, my Destiny and CALLING. In my spare time, when I am not busy mothering, or taking care of my home, you can find me on SOCIAL MEDIA operating in different groups; I help establish ministries and build community/mentoring /prayer/study groups or blogging at my site. I devote my time and energy, and share my findings here. I juggle it all together, family, ministry, children, church, relationships and all that goes into it. God is my strength and my fortress!
Lena Joseph
Founder 2018 of the Site

I wasn’t at an altar, in the church building, on my knees, or even in my room. I was driving in my car! No music was playing, just me and my thoughts. Seven months pregnant, ready to start a new life, in a new city, in FLORIDA, when a childhood song, in my native language, was gently placed  in my spirit, and heart. I have heard this song before but not like this! 

 Прости меня, Боже, прости, я молю,

Прости, что так поздно к Тебе прихожу,

Прости, что я раньше Тебя не познал

И друга иного тогда я избрал.

Forgive me GOD, forgive me I beg

Forgive that I come a little too late 

That I didn’t get to know you before 

And chosen a friend of the world.


Immediately thoughts flooded my mind, and tears began to stream down my face…


Прости, что мой разум с Тобой воевал,

Прости, что Тебя я страдать заставлял,

Прости, что я скорби Тебе причинял,

Что вновь на кресте я Тебя распинал.


Forgive that my mind battled with you 

Forgive that I caused you to suffer 

That I caused you grief

And crucified you over and over again 


My mind battled with you! I took your grace for granted! I crucified you on the cross, with my words, and my actions.


Но Ты пробудил меня к жизни иной

И сердца коснулся Своею рукой,

Глаза мне открыл Ты на пройденный путь,

В неверье, в грехах мне не дал утонуть.


But you woke me up to a brand new life 

And touched my heart with your mighty hand 

You opened my eyes, on the path that i’ve gone

You didn’t let me drawn in doubt and sin


BUT YOU didn’t let me FALL, YOU picked me right up and gave me a brand new life, My rescuer, my Redeemer


И вот я в молитве стою пред Тобой,

Веди меня, Боже, Своею рукой!

Я всю свою жизнь посвящаю Тебе,

Ты только не дай мне погибнуть в борьбе.


And here I am standing before you 

Lead me Lord with your mighty hand 

I dedicate my life, surrendered to you 

Just don’t let me die in this battle of life. 


Writing this story only confirms GOD’S faithfulness in my life, 15 years later GOD IS STILL FAITHFUL 


И я обещаю Тебя прославлять

И словом и делом Тебя восхвалять,

Чтоб люди увидели свет Твой во мне

И, светом влекомые, шли все к Тебе.


I promise to worship you

With my words and my actions to praise you 

So people can see your light in me 

And through the reflection were drawn unto thee



Lead me LORD, and I’ll follow. I give my life to you, I surrender my heart to you! The battle is tough, but you are STRONGER!

Perhaps reading this, you recognize your need for a Savior. Just like me you tried to live your life your way, you did what you felt was right, you were FREE, nothing stopped you, no one could tell you anything, you experienced all that life has to offer you, BUT NOW you are far from him, and you think it’s too late 

 I want you to know…

Your father is waiting with hands wide open, surrender to him! 

I am reminded of a parable 

“I have sinned against you FATHER, MAKE ME one of your servants!”  Luke 15:18-19

I grew up in a Christian home, but later in my teens rebelled against my roots, and everything I stood for. Everyone that knew me, was shocked at what I have become. Sin was very evident in my life, promiscuity and carelessness overtook me, ignorance was my drive. I ran from my calling, and have rejected my identity as a child of God for many many years, and accepted the way of the world. 

In 2008 I withstood a trial where I was to deny the gift of the Holy Spirit and convert into a different faith.  I was blindsided by the enemy, with no way out. I did NOT deny the gift, transitioned into another faith, but God’s GRACE kept me. I stood against lies, condemnation, and proclaimed the truth. I was barred for truth, and convicted as a felon, in a spiritual sense. Ten years I walked in the wilderness seeking for deliverance, but it wasn’t until 2017 that I truly accepted the call of GOD upon my life, and was set FREE.

It required faith, it required sacrifice, it requires patience, and it required obedience, ON MY PART, without it I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

I am who I am because of who God made me to be. I am a product of his glory, his kindness, his grace, and his mercy, a product of his forgiveness, his faithfulness, and his patience.

I might have been rebellious, but God made me righteous in his sight;

I might have rejected him, but his love found me;

I might have ran, and hid like Elijah but God sustained me, and kept me; 

Today I am on the other side STILL standing with a smile on my face, looking over, I have surely been blessed. My perfect puzzle is coming together for my good, all the pieces of my puzzle, whether good or bad, are for my benefit. I wouldn’t be who I am, if it wasn’t for those pieces that made my puzzle what it is today.

I’m thankful for his GRACE, thankful for his Faithfulness, thankful for his Favor upon my life, because without it, I wouldn’t even know where I would be.

My book is soon to be released, many books, my chapters are constantly written. I have been working tiresly to write it, and publish it, to God be the GLORY!

Looking over the fence to my neighbors yard, I thought maybe I did not experience everything there was, to be fulfilled, so I ventured out, and pursued the pleasures and treasures of the world. The more I tried, the more I desired. The further I got, the deeper I was sucked in. Slowly but surely, I drifted into the things of the world, and before I knew it, I was saying goodbye to everything I knew, in search of something better. I took my portion, and set out on my journey. I drank, and partied, until my fortune was well spend. But instead of going home, I settled for less, than what I felt, I deserved; I condemned myself, and guilt was not far behind, shame was my everyday bowl of food. I Found myself begging for spiritual bread, in a foreign country, surrounded by pigs, away from everyone I knew.

I desired to be fed spiritually but found nothing to satisfy my soul. I tried drinking to fill that empty spot but nothing could FILL that desire, and longing to go HOME. I tried ignorance pride took me far away. I tried promiscuity, addiction BUT nothing could satisfy my soul or fulfill that desire that felt so empty and unsatisfied within.

SUDDENLY I woke up! NO MATTER what happens, I will FACE my father, and beg him to come home. 2009 was my year of Reconciliation with my father. My father met me with OPEN arms, and celebrated my arrival. He gave me the best of everything, EVEN prepared a TABLE OF DELIGHT to delight my soul. And that’s not all! Shoes of son-ship, a ring of authority on my finger, dressed me in FINE clothing, giving me a CHANCE, at a BRAND new LIFE. Now it’s time for me to give back!

Thank You for choosing to spend your time at my table

There's a little bit of everything at my TABLE and I hope to share a lot more as I progress on my JOURNEY

As I entered on this Journey of FAITH, I decided to take people along with me, so I created my corner. This is where I share my thoughts and my heart concerning different matters, and issues of life. Join my table, and delight your soul, through Inspiration Delight and Encouragement, where you can find satisfaction to your soul.

There are many Prodigals in this world who long to come home they just don’t know how or where to turn. A Prodigal is a lost son or daughter of God who longs to come home but is ashamed guilty, and condemned. I have been there and I know what that is like! I opened that door! I found the keys. Walk through it!

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