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This is my corner! I share what’s on my heart, my passions, and my pursuits. This is my way to freely express myself as a writer, believer, and a truth seeker. I love blogging, especially when it comes down to spiritual things, and sharing my personal stories via biblical insight.

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Testimonies of God’s goodness and GRACE " FROM DARKNESS, into GOD'S Marvelous Light"

Out Of Body Experience

by Daniel Okorie


Special Recipe, tips and tricks from my Kitchen to yours


A WORD from the THRONE OF GRACE by different AUTHORS moved and inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT as a WORD of REVELATION, Insight, Wisdom for COMFORT, EDIFICATION, AND WARNING.


by Joe Mc Roy

A Message for Men

by Joe McRoy


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Special Strength

We all have times in life when we get weary and don’t feel like we can go on. We’ve prayed, and we’ve believed, but nothing has changed. Now the weight of what we’re facing has left us exhausted.

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Quench the Thirst

Separation from God usually comes in two phases. First we start to stray. Little by little we start to forsake fellowship, fail to meditate in His word and spend less and less time in prayer.

Serve with Excellence

God has a crown for you. He wants to take you higher, to give you opportunities and influence like you’ve never seen. The question is, are you helping somebody else succeed?

Enjoy Life

You have to be determined to enjoy your life even in the difficult seasons. Every day you can choose to enjoy the things that God has given you.

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