April 17, 2024
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for the Soul and Spirit

Monday's GEM

When you give instructions to a wise man, and he is willing to follow the instructions, he is likely to become wiser. Teach that same man a better way to do something, and he will increase in his level of understanding. He will not make excuses, or try to act all powerful. NO he will humble himself, and receive instructions, because he knows knowledge will bring him revelation, and insight… Proverbs 9:9

Tuesday's GEM

The wise builder is a man who thinks about his future and prepares his house ahead of time. He builds his house on the rock, Jesus Christ, the solid ground. When the rain come, the house is well secured to withstand the storms of life. This man is not worried about the storm, his confidence is in his ROCK, his fortress, his STAND. 

Wednesday's GEM

Listen your spiritual inbox is filling up to the top, and it needs room, to be sorted, examined, and removed, to receive NEW MAIL. Did you catch that? 

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