April 17, 2024

Stay Fit


for the Soul and Spirit
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Staying fit is an essential part of maintaining good health and physical well-being. In today's world, where stationary lifestyles have become the norm, it's more important than ever to make a conscious effort to stay active and healthy.

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There are many different ways to stay fit, whether it’s regular exercise, gaining healthy eating habits, or a combination of both.


My poor baby 🥺

After a whole summer of not doing much training, my baby attempted to do a few pushups. 🤪 She quickly realized she was not fit to even do a few. She broke down and began to tear up.

Which is what we normally run to, the familiar. That’s what we are good at! Crying is easier, giving up is easier, and walking away seems like, the perfect plan.

But is it? Getting up that situation will still be there, and temporary fix isn’t going to fix it.

I let her cry it out, then began to slowly bring her the ugly truth, because let’s face it, we need some people in our lives, who are going to do that. Tell us the ugly truth, even when it hurts.

Baby your body is not fit enough to handle the pressure, and your little arms, are not strong enough to do the pushups. Here’s what we are going to do. You have a few days before school starts to get fit. No it’s not going to be easy, nor are you allowed to give up. Going to eight grade, and military school, they are going to expect you to show up. So you better get serious!


It’s a MUST

Same goes with our spiritual fitness. Our bodies are not fit enough to handle that pressure, so when the storms come, and troubles face us, we cave in, and brake down to cry.

However we need a mentor in our lives who will not give up on us, who will push us to succeed, and who will not allow us to give in, the HOLY SPIRIT, or an actual coach!

We understand the world out there is not going to have mercy, so we better get fit! We better get that word in, that prayer better be on top of our to do list, those memory verses we better train in our minds, and hide in our hearts.

Because when that time comes, we better know how to handle that pressure, and pull out our sword!


We need  HELP,  a Coach or trusted adviser, mentor, friend who can lead us in a positive direction, who will not give up on us, who will push us to succeed, and who will not allow us to give up. 

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