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Harvest is plentiful

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.
Matthew 9:37-38
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In this chapter, Matthew 9 Jesus heals a paralyzed man, in the midst of scrutiny and criticism.

” so he said to the paralyzed man ” Get up, take your mat and go home. verses 6-7

I can just see the look on pharisee faces, he healed a man? MAN do not have authority to forgive sins….


What they didn’t know is that JESUS himself was the AUTHORITY OF GOD, he did not need permission, he was PERMITTED, and CHOSEN to be the SAVIOUR of the world. Blindly and sadly they did not recognize HIM.

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Jesus then goes on from the place and meets Matthew – the tax collector;

Follow me” and Matthew got up and followed him. verse 9

Jesus was very well known, WE CAN SEE this by how fast Matthew followed JESUS, he didn’t reason, he didn’t question it, he just got up out of his workplace, and followed JESUS. 


but not by pharisee, the religious folks, who represented a HUGE portion of religion, in the surrounding cities, and villages. THEY did not see JESUS, they saw a man who was rebeling against their religion, their rules, and regulations, traditions, and against their principles. They even asked him;

Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners? ” Accusing him of doing wrong. They did not see what JESUS was doing, and that his mission was to draw men to the FATHER, preaching the GOSPEL OF KINGDOM.

Jesus was very well known, but not by pharisee, THEY did not see JESUS, they saw a man who was rebeling against their religion, their rules, and regulations, traditions, and against their principles.

Lena J

Sunday School Teacher & Podcaster

JESUS later raises a dead girl, heals a sick woman, the blind and the mute, see and speak. Come and see! JESUS was a WALKING miracle, no matter where he went, people were healed, recovered, and delivered.

SADLY after seeing all this ( harvest field) JESUS concluded that the workers are few. THERE’S PLENTY of people to be healed, plenty of miracles to perform, plenty of labor, but not enough willing workers to harvest the field.

TODAY, if YOU ARE MOVED in your heart, say YES to JESUS, and his LABOR FIELD, a labor field is anyone that is in need of healing, miracles, deliverance, and salvation. More workers are needed on the field, answer the call today.

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