April 16, 2024

My Donkey Missions


for the Soul and Spirit
Kish had a son named Saul, as handsome a young man as could be found anywhere in Israel, and he was a head taller than anyone else. Now the donkeys belonging to Saul’s father Kish were lost, and Kish said to his son Saul, “Take one of the servants with you and go and look for the donkeys."
1 Sam 9:2-3
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A few weeks ago our pastor invited His Lead Pastor to preach a message at our church, based on a BOOK he wrote. Here are a few of my personal thoughts on it.


At the end of the service, we were offered books to purchase, to follow along, for the next 4 weeks, or more, as the theme for the month of March, or as long as the THEME continues at our church.

I took Two! Yes Two! If you are reading this, and you are interested, I believe he offers them on Amazon, to make it your own. Hightly recommended

I took them home, and we ( my husband and I ) decided to read it together. “What’s the Point ” by Matt Keller, on a traveling journey to Orlando, FL two hours away.

I grabbed my book, got my stuff together, and we were on the way to Orlando.

We read 3 Chapters! VERY GOOD read by the way!

Matt Keller, Pastor of Next Level Church, talks about his pointless missions that led to his ultimate mission – his PURPOSE.

IN THE midst of reading this book God really started talking to me, because for the longest I felt like I was on a donkey mission too.

Donkey mission you say? glad you asked. A “donkey mission” is a term that Matt Keller, uses to describe missions that seem pointless, daunting, mundane or insignificant.

based on 1 Sam 9:2-3

A man named Kish sends his son Saul to find donkeys that got lost

“Go and look for the donkeys.”

“Donkey missions are everywhere and happen to us all of the time. The problem is, most of us overlook their power and significance because they don’t look like our dream, they just look like, well, donkeys. ” – Referenced to the book in the Introduction Chapter.

Can you relate? DO you feel like you’re on a pointless mission? A Mission that seems, pointless, no purpose, aim, or intent?

Perhaps God is sending you on a mission. MAYBE you are in the middle, or close to the end. Know this! “Everyone we admire has had to experience some kind of ” donkey mission ” on their way to greatness or had to experience a lot of donkey missions on their way, on their journey.

I asked myself that question. Has God sent me on a donkey mission? What is the point of my donkey missions?

Today, at service the question resurfaced in my spirit.

What is my Donkey Mission? I feel as though I’ve been on countless donkey missions!

What’s the point of that or this mission, I personally call them “assignments”? Why did I have to go through this or that? What’s the purpose or aim, for this or that mission?

“Has anyone felt like they’ve been on lots of donkey missions?” Pastor asked?

Teary-eyed, but unsure, I raised my ️ 

I had to be honest with myself. Lately I’ve felt as if I had been on pointless missions, time and time again. I WAS SO sure I was going to do this or that. I was so SURE this was IT, but then it turned out to be another “donkey mission”

and as soon as I raised my hand the Lord started to reveal mysteries to me.

“Every donkey mission leads to the ultimate mission.” Be rest assured that every donkey mission leads to the ultimate mission. I the Lord use donkey missions for your good! All things work out for good. Romans 8:28

 “They are necessary” donkey missions are meant to mold you, test you, and process you. How can God trust you, if you can’t even be faithful with a donkey mission. Be faithful, and you will be in charge of MUCH!

“I needed your Obedience” Obedience is what I seek in donkey missions! OBEDIENCE – is that uncomfortable thing I know I need to do. OBEDIENCE is key ingredient in elevating to the NEXT level of your SUCCESS!

He then gave me specific instructions to follow, and I followed EXACTLY as I have been instructed to do them.

Sometimes I’m given a word, and instructions to follow and at times, I second guess myself, or I am unsure of myself, fearful of what others may think, or feel. Regardless, I must be OBEDIENT!

You see my friend, God needs our obedience to proceed! When we are faithful in small things, he is faithful to bless us with bigger things.


Luke 16: 10

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.”



Right out of college, into motherhood. I had plans, career plans, I was driven, but when motherhood knocked on my window, I knew I had to put those dreams on the backburner. I always wanted to be the beast mother I can ever be for my children, both emotionally and spiritually. You see my mother meant well, but haven’t really been there for me in that way, because she was busy and not available for me in that way. I love my mother and I would never speak ill of her, however truth is truth. This was I wanted for my children, and a sacrifice was needed.  

For years I was on this donkey mission, changing diapers, feeding, taking care of my baby, and then soon another one. Motherhood caught me by surprise, but taught me a lot of skills that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise, THAT I use to this day, and beyond. 


“I called you for MORE”

From then ON, desire to pursue business and becoming my own BOSS sprang up in my heart, I thought “OK now I can dedicate my time and energy and finally START what I have been putting off for so long”. But just as ideas started to spring up, and business taking off, my desire for ministry surfaced to the top, and trumped every idea of business I had. I even bought a CRICUT Machine, and was ready to leap into business, and the journey of Entrepreneurship creating and blessing others. God had other plans, and purposes for me. I truly did not understand them at first, but knew I was on the right path, so I followed.


“Start a BLOG in 2018”

YEARS ago, I was given instructions to write, blog my thoughts, write from my heart, and I obeyed. Whether I knew how to do it, and some days had no idea what to write, I obeyed. TODAY this SITE is BORN because of OBEDIENCE

Firestarterignite.com Blog of Delight for the Soul and Spirit. 


NEXT God blessed me with a PODCAST

In 2020, that SEASON we all dreaded, God put a desire in my heart to START a family Study, which later turned into a PODCAST – SHARING my thoughts, and study notes, with further audience, via the internet. Today I recorded close to 500 Episodes, and still going STRONG


My next donkey mission, from that mission, was to START a GROUP, which turned into Ministry Firestarter Ignite, that I have faithfully led for 3 years, serving the community that God placed in my hand. Many more ministries came out of that ministry, and today IGNITERS were birthed out of it, that are scattered all over the GLOBE.


From there he led me to teach Sunday school class. I have never taught a class before, but because my daughter asked me to teach, I said YES! I alongside with my daughter have been teaching Kindergarteners and 1st Graders ever since, and its been 3 years! I love what I do, and I don’t see it as a donkey mission, even though at first it felt pointless, and mundane. Today I get to instill God’s Word and Truth into young hearts and minds, I get to teach little ones the principles and values of God and his Kingdom. What a privilege it is to be used of God!

When I was faithful with leading my family with a simple bible study, he opened the door for me to START a page ( Sword Study Delight) and lead a SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS every single Sunday!

Ever since I said YES to God an opportunity arose after another opportunity to be used of God. What seemed and felt like a DONKEY mission became my purpose for that SEASON, and God made all things beautiful in his TIMING!

I have been on multiple donkey missions, and often times thought to myself what’s the point of this, or that? TODAY however I look at my donkey missions a little different.

Opportunities, doors and greater missions!

Donkey Missions lead us to Greater Missions. You see me today, and ask how?! but what you don’t see is countless donkey missions that have led me to this PLACE of Faithfulness.

MUCH MORE awaits me, and I pray for it with expectation. I know God has beautiful things in store for me, and I eagerly await with expectation. Romans 8: 24

I pray you my friend will also choose to keep going. Yes the journey can be daunting, pointless, and even frustrating at time, but know this my friend,

In due time, you will reap a HARVEST if you don’t give up. No quitting, we must move forward!

Ignite & Empower

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