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Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.
Matthew 24:12

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When a couple gets married, they celebrate their love together, go on a honeymoon, treat each other well, and in the process get excited by serving one another, and pouring love on each other.


This is what’s happening in churches, and in marriages today. At first, you’re excited, you’re in love, you’re worshipping, were you’re on the 3rd moon or in seventh heaven, but when troubles come, fun wears off, love gets cold, appreciation wears off, and real work begins.

If you don’t put effort towards your marriage, your relationship with God, you don’t work hard for your marriage, love will die out. This is why we have dead churches, in a lukewarm state, with no real relationship, because everyone wants it easy, on a platter, everyone expects someone else to do the work!

We want Feed me, teach me, help me, save me !
we want compliment me, appreciate me, honor me!

What about seek me, ask me, and knock on my door?! What about serve me, compliment me, and look out for me?!

The love of many of growing cold, in marriages, churches, and in relationships. Church pews are becoming sporting seats, with no real substance, and preachers are turning into pimps, spreading dust, and feeding sugar to their audience.

Where is the real love for God? Where is your commitment? Our sacrifice, the vows we made to each other? Where is your worship, your honor, your respect?

le’s go back to how you used to do things, go back to loving on each other, appreciating one another, complimenting and showering likes, instead of critical remarks!

Marriages, churches we need God in our midst! Without him, we cannot do it. Simple and to the point!

First and foremost we must confess our wrongs, and repent

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